Technological advances that are tingling our senses

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Science is always finding new and innovative ways to engage our senses. And everyday new technology becomes available to the public. Because more and more people are finding ways of using this technology, even more interesting innovations are being created at a faster pace. In the past, many people could not experience all elements of the senses when using technology. Nowadays in the modern world, we are able to incorporate sound, sight and smell into our daily lives using the latest technological designs.


New ways to listen

Some of the great breakthroughs in recent years have been in innovative designs of headphones, – and one brand that has revolutionisedt he way we consume music is Beats By Dre – you’re bound to find a style you like on In addition to this, you will have come across a plethora of other different listening devices for sale, all varying in terms of features and sound quality. Bluetooth headphones, for instance, offer the capability of not only listening to music, but also to make and receive phone calls.

Extreme tech also highlights the claim that even the quality of ethernet cables used to transmit streamed audio can make a difference to sound quality. The story goes that real audiophiles have been able to detect quality differences between cables and, as a result, upgrading them to a higher standard may cause a noticeable improvement.

New ways to view

Including HD screens in smartphones is old news, but now screens are at a point where they can be made extremely small, thin and lightweight. This means that HD technology can be used on almost any electronic device, including laptops, tablets and portable games. The small screens are even being included on standard music players that have few options, simply because it has been so much easier to make the screens more efficient.

New ways to smell

One of the latest olfactory developments is a new app that sends smells via smartphones, as covered by Time Tech. This process originated in Japan and was developed by Chaku perfume. The app can be used with a small atomiser and smell tank that fits into an iPhone dock port.

The app does have some limitations – such as each smell requiring a new attachment in order to be sent to a friend. Nonetheless, it does have a lot of potential as a marketing tool. The app doesn’t recognise all 10,000 odour molecules the way a human nose can, it simply emits a specific smell.

Other senses

It is still quite difficult to incorporate touch into portable technology, apart from the obvious touch screen element. While people can touch items that they have in their hands, it is quite difficult to send touch sensations via text or change the way an electronic device feels.

While some companies are still trying to develop different ways of sending food electronically and thus engaging the sense of taste, this technology appears to be beyond our time.

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