How Betterhelp Has Become the Online Therapy Leaders By Combining Technology And Psychology

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Traditional therapy has been around for decades. It involves a client visiting a therapist at their office. But thanks to the internet, that’s changing. Everything is becoming virtual and accessible with just some few clicks. That’s what happening with psychology.

Online counseling is making inroads in the profession. People are increasingly using digital services. Though some psychologists still hold face-to-face meetings, more professionals are starting to prefer the digital route over the traditional one. Additionally, clients are of the same thought process, particularly because we live in a constant state of movement. Who has time for traditional therapy anymore?

Technology And Psychology

As such, there are dozens of online therapy companies to choose from. But, there are only a few who have really built up their platform for the masses. Betterhelp is one such company, which has increasingly become a leading choice for online treatment.

Betterhelp makes use of state of the art technology which make their features and platform very fast, and which is extremely intuitive as per

According to statistics online, Betterhelp receives over 2.5 million visitors in a month. Over 4 million people have signed up for their service. But how did Betterhelp grow to become the leading online therapy platform?

  1. The Different Communication Options

The platform uses diverse communication options. It has been offering counseling services and opportunities through messaging, phone, email, video and phone calls. The platform also makes use of a mobile app that functions seamlessly throughout application.

  1. The Therapists and Their Qualifications

The platform employs trained and licensed therapists. It requires them to have a few thousand hours of experience before listing them on its website.

But how do you get the therapist to attend to your needs? Better helps gives you a list of questions to answer during the signup process. From here, the platform uses an algorithm to match you with the best therapist there is.

If you don’t like a therapist that the algorithm assigns you, you can always request a change. Even better, it lists all the therapists on its website. As such, you can select the individual therapist to handle your case.

  1. A Stellar Online Reputation

Betterhelp boast of a stellar online reputation. That’s attributed to their trained and competent therapists, fair pricing and quality of its services. Remember, if you don’t like the therapist the algorithm offers you, you can always change to the one you love.

For instance, it has a 4-star rating on Reviewopedia, Glassdoor, and Yelp. It has a whopping 10,000 testimonials online. Its BBB accredited with over 900,000 Facebook likes.

All this is an indication of how high the clients regard the platform.

The Bottom Line

The essential factors for online counseling are usability, communication options, and the therapist’s credentials. Betterhelp makes use of these simple but crucial things in providing services in providing e-therapy services to their clients. Because of this, the platform enjoys a good reputation and higher traffic to their site in a month. The higher traffic results in higher subscription rates in a month. Even better, it allows clients to change therapists who they’re not comfortable with and choose the one that pleases them. With this, it’s no doubt that Betterhelp is the leading online therapy firm.

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