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Are Men or Women More Prone to Bone Density Issues?

Men and women always seem to be comparing themselves to each other in an effort to see who has it worse and who has it better. While many physical ailments and diseases happen on a pretty equal basis…

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5 Tips For Getting Admitted to Medical Assistant School

If you are interested in working for a medical doctor or working side by side with other health care team members, then a job as a medical assistant may be your ideal career choice. In fact, medical assisting…


Tonsilloliths: The Lurking Bad Breath Culprit

Do you often get an aching throat accompanied by embarrassing bad breath? If so, you may be one of the thousands of people who suffer from a common condition known as Tonsilloliths. Also associated with tonsil stones, these…


How Anorectics Are Improving Appetite Control

An anorectic is an appetite suppressant. The word, derived from that same Greek root that gave us “anorexia,” is used to refer to well-known and often natural compounds that have nothing to do with the eating disorder, and…

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4 Reasons Yoga Should Be on Your New Year’s Resolution List

When yoga became a rage, many thought it was something for hippies or the unusual. It wasn’t considered true exercise. Today’s yoga is much different and although the routines haven’t changed, it has many benefits including weight loss….


Stop Snoring Violence and Get Your Snoring Treated!

Snoring is a problem for many people and the reason why it happens varies from one person to the next. Whether it’s a breathing or weight problem, there are ways to control snoring so that it doesn’t take…