As If Facebook Wasn’t Enough To Distract Your Kids

With Facebook acquiring WhatsApp, another fear for parents hover over their heads. As said, technology has no bounds and when used for an intellectual purpose, it can turn out to be extremely easy. Facebook needs no introduction, so…


Facebook Rooms: What You Need to Know About the Hot New App

Since the beginning, one of users’ main criticisms of Facebook has been the fact that it’s extremely difficult — if not impossible — to be anonymous on the site. Not only does Facebook prohibit the use of pseudonyms…

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Are Your Facebook Posts And Tweets Actually Converting?

Social media: what’s the point? Yes, you have a ton of followers, engagement and so on, but is anyone actually BUYING anything? Or is it that all your efforts are in vain?! Luckily, thoughts like those above are…


Instant fund transfer for free via Facebook

Now, Facebook will not only be a medium for entertainment on which users upload pictures, comments on the post and shares message or information but also for doing a bank transaction. The Facebook user can easily transfer funds…

9 Ways to Personalize Your Brand Through Facebook

There are certain words that every company wants attributed to their brand, like “trendy”, “relatable” and “interactive”. These words tend to reflect a company that customers pay attention to and feel comfortable engaging with. In a 21st century…

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Facebook Audience Network & The Future Of Mobile Marketing

Once considered as the social giant’s weak spot, mobile advertising is quickly becoming Facebook’s biggest goldmine. According to the company’s recent Q1 2014 earnings announcement, 59% of its ad revenue came from portable devices: a 6% increase from…


How to Change Your Timeline Cover Photo

Facebook offers a wonderful place to enjoy friends and family online. The site connects people from all over the world, making it easy and fun to talk to people at any time of the day and from anywhere…

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Facebook Attacks – What they look like and how to avoid them

Facebook is still the most used social media site, with more registered users than Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. With Facebook being most popular, it has also had its fair share of manipulation since its launch in February 2004….


How to run your first Facebook campaign

As Facebook becomes a more powerful and interactive marketing tool, more and more businesses are recognizing the potential behind the little blue F. It’s long been around – but brands are now embracing social media campaigns and opening…

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4 Ways Facebook’s New Timeline Feature Impacts Brand Management

Facebook recently introduced a new feature called Timeline for brand or company pages, which is set to take the place of existing profile pages. With Timeline, all of the Facebook actions related to your company, like status updates…


How to Engage Your Facebook Fans in a Few Simple Steps

Until not too long ago, all you needed for your Facebook fan page to be a success were lots of ‘Likes’. Logically, there were a lot of online companies that sold Facebook ‘Likes’ to business owners, which consequentially…

Why Your Facebook Fan Page Needs To Be Customized?

So, you have set up a Facebook fan page for your website and you have probably done anything and everything on your part to get some social love for your website via this Facebook fan page but despite…

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You Only Have 300 Facebook Friends? My Brain is Bigger Than Yours

I admit I was ready to stop writing and reading about Facebook, but I came across a study that claims your number of Facebook friends might correlate to the size or your brain. I simply could not resist….


Social media tips for an outstanding Facebook page

Do you think that you are done by making your Facebook page? No, it’s not done yet, as you have to do a lot of things to make it more appealing in order to achieve your desired goals….

Facebook and Websense join forces against malware

Facebook and Websense have joined forces to handle their web security. Malware had previously been very troublesome on Facebook – with users being happy to click on any links appearing on their news feed, but were sometimes led…

Facebook follows Google around in Circles

Facebook has recently beefed up its security and privacy options, with an apparent nod to similar features recently launched on Google+. The main change (or ‘steal’) is that you will now be able to select who is able…