Progressive Eyeglasses Take the Lines Out of Your Vision

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It often happens that people begin to have difficulty reading fine print when they get above age 40. If this is the case for you, and your current glasses don’t help with this aspect of your vision, then you may be a good candidate for progressive eyeglasses. The lenses crafted for this style of spectacles have numerous advantages over the lined bifocal lenses that previous generations used to combat this issue.

If you know anyone who wears lined bifocal lenses, then you know what the word “lined” is all about. There’s a line right in the middle of each glass that constitutes the barrier between the lens for reading and the lens for distance vision. You probably hoped that you would never suffer from the same vision challenges just because the glasses used to correct them looked so awkward.

Eyeglasses and Prescription

Enter the “No-Line” Eyeglasses

Fortunately, eyeglass technology is getting better by the decade, and your options for vision correction are much better than they were for your parents’ generation. Progressive eyeglasses are all about making that pesky line disappear. No one will be able to tell that you need glasses for fine print – they’ll think you’re just using them for distance (or maybe just because you look cute in them). You will also have a wider choice of frame options for your spectacles, since you won’t need to account for the barriers between the distinct lenses of old-school bifocals.

A More Natural Correction for Your Vision

The advantages of these new lenses are more than purely cosmetic. You will also notice – if you happen to give lined bifocals a try too – that they are far superior when it comes to providing you with a thoroughly natural-feeling correction to your vision at all levels of distance. These carefully crafted glasses offer correction at near, intermediate and far distances, with each correction category seamlessly transitioning to the next. There won’t be any line blocking your view and cutting down on the space you have for comfortably viewing the world.

If you’ve ever had a pair of old bifocals, you might also be familiar with the pesky phenomenon known as “image jump.” This happens when you suddenly move your gaze to a different lens and the image you see appears to jump out at you. There will be none of this with progressive lenses. The smooth transition from one corrective lens to another completely eliminates image jump.

Choosing the Right Lenses

Since you’re going to be using several lenses in one, you may assume that each glass would need to be fairly large. That’s not the case, however. Glass-cutting technology has advanced to the point where you can enjoy full correction at multiple levels and still strut around in fashionable, narrow frames. Progressives are currently the most frequently purchased lenses on the market today, and the supply has been keeping up with the demand in terms of variety and style. The primary design differences have to do with the dimensions of the power corridor, namely the amount of glass set aside for each distance level. Your eye doctor will help you determine what sort of power corridor will be best for you.

You can also find lenses that are made for specific purposes, including reading and using computers. Talk to your eye doctor today about this fantastic option for regaining your crystal-clear vision!

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