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12 Fantastic Free Social Icon Sets

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Why to use the same old social icons when you have plenty of options to try? Here is a compilation of attractive and popular social media icon sets. What’s more? They are absolutely free!

Social-Truck Icons


They are a set of over 10 icons that are available in a PNG format; at the never-heard before size of 512 pixels! They are an interesting variation of the same old boring social media icons.

Icons- Supernova


They are an appealing set of social media icons that have been made for Android and iPhone applications and comprise a set of over 19 different icons that are of size 84*84 pixels.

Icons- Flat


They are a set of free and flat icons that, though are not very brightly colored, but can still go that extra mile in adding that zing to the site. The icons come in a PNG format; but are free for personal use only.

Social Media Icons in Circular format


It is basically a zip file that consists of over 27 icons that are in 3 different sizes. This set contains icons of almost all the famous and popular social platforms and also the icons of not so- popular ones.

3D set of Statuette Icons


It is a set of book-marking icons that are designed to appear in a three-dimensional manner and are made to stand on a platform. This innovative thinking makes them appear interesting and unique.

Dark Icon Set by Bevel


This particular set or compilation comprises of over 10 icons, each of which is available in four different sizes. The icons are further available in PNG form.

Balloons of Social Media


Looks attractive and is useful, this particular set of icons offers bookmarking tools that are in the form of ‘hot balloons flying’! There are over 64 icons in this set.

Google Plus Icons


Available in a vector-based format, each of the icons are a 128-pixel size image, apart from the usual and the more popularly used (because of the size) 16, 64 and 32-pixels.

Bubblicons of Social Media


Yet another example of simple yet innovative thinking by a designer, this is a set of icons that are shaped like bubbles.

Retro SocialMedia Icon set


A set of attractive looking social media icons that come designed with a retro feel.

Candy Social Media


All your loved social media platforms have their icons in this set, which is based on the theme of candy. Each of the icons are also created to match with the actual colours of the media icons.

IC-Circle Social Icons



They are a set of icons that are available in two colour-formats: gray-scale and coloured. There are 12 icons in the set and are available for all major social media platforms that are popularly used.

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