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Depositphotos always tries to satisfy its members for maintaining its high standard and development progress. Besides occasionally giving discounts and promos, this microstock website also provide some interesting programs. If you want to earn money or prizes, you can try these programs which are specially designed to benefit both parties: Depositphotos and members (including contributors and buyers).


The interesting programs such as For Bloggers and Affiliate Programs can help Depositphotos promote their website and at the same time gaining more popularity. Meanwhile for the members (contributors or buyers) these programs are “gold mine” which can give them more money and also worthy prizes.

Special for Bloggers


Special for Bloggers is a program which gives bloggers or site owners to get new high quality images for their blogs or websites FREE. Not only that, this program can also become sponsor by providing prizes for bloggers and web masters who want to hold a contest in their respective blog or web.

The requirements for claiming this great opportunity is by promoting Depositphotos through interesting articles or review on this site, including some informative topics such as Depositphotos’ features, prices, payment options, diversity of files, and so on. Unique article is needed, so you cannot copy it from other reviews available on the internet because they will check your work first after the submission. Besides that, your article must also contain at least one link to this site with appropriate keyword for example “stock photos”, “stock vectors”, and etcetera.

Affiliate Program

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If the previous program does not enough, you can also earn with Affiliate Program. This program is web-based system promotion which allows Depositphotos’ members to gain prizes and commissions by promoting this site to the others. If you are successful in referring a new buyer or contributor via your link, your account will be given rewards. You will get $0.03 for every sold file that your referral makes through subscription. Meanwhile, you can also get 15% commission for each credit purchase that your referral makes.

Besides that, there is also another way of getting commissions by displaying Depositphotos banner in your photography website. For this, you will be given $10 for displaying banner in no less than 90 days. Moreover, websites with 50,000 or less Alexa Traffic Ranking will get double amount of money for displaying Depositphotos banner on their site.


Examples of Depositphotos banner 336 x 280

This website is very committed in developing their website and gaining worldwide popularity. With the abundance of interesting programs and promos, it is just a matter of time until they make it. If you are interested in one or two programs that you can join, just visit their website and blog for more detail.

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