Four People Who Uplift Others with Their Inspirational Stories

inspirational stories
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Life is full of ups and downs, and overcoming challenges is something we all have to do in order to fulfill our hopes and dreams. Many of these challenges are related to the work that we do. Companies have different methods of empowering their employees, from a simple word of praise, providing bonuses and pay rises, even to inviting the best motivational speakers for team building seminars.

Getting individuals to share their stories of overcoming challenges and achieving success is a great way to uplift others who may be experiencing adversity in their lives. Their stories inspire and motivate people to pursue their dreams and reach their goals, no matter how difficult it may be. Here are four amazing individuals who have overcome hardships and who now share their stories to uplift and motivate others to overcome their own.

inspirational stories

Jay Blake

Jay Blake was the head mechanic of a transportation company. While working, an accident caused him to lose three of his senses: taste, smell, and sight. There seemed to be no way he could ever function as a mechanic again, but Jay was determined to make something good out of the challenges life threw at him. He went through rehab and enrolled in The Carroll Center for the Blind. He had always wanted to own a professional auto racing team, and he learned that even without his sense of sight, he could still work on racing engines. Jay eventually formed Follow A Dream, an organization that helps inspire others. He also has his own team now: the FAD Racing Team.

Jim Abbott

Jim Abbott was a Major League Baseball pitcher. Playing baseball isn’t that unusual, but what makes Jim extraordinary is that he was born with only one hand. He was so good he made his professional debut straight to the Major Leagues and went on to win 12 games with a 3.92 ERA in his rookie season. Jim wants to show others that having a disability isn’t a reason to have a dream and pursue it—everyone has a potential to rise up to life’s challenges, to overcome them, and to succeed.


Bertice Berry grew up poor, was the sixth of seven children, and was told by one of her high school teachers that she was “not college material”. She didn’t let that get to her, and instead resolved to get into college. She had no idea how she would pay for tuition, but the Universe must have heard her plea. At the same day the Jacksonville University in Florida received her application, a wealthy benefactor inquired about a potential student who could use some help. Bertice got in, and graduated with honors. Bertice is now an active sociologist and motivational speaker who inspires others to pursue their dreams, overcome challenges, and be the best that they can be.

Ty Bennett

Ty Bennett was only 21 years old when he and his brother started a direct sales business. Their business flourished and gained over $20 million in annual revenue even before Ty turned 30. His secret? Good leadership. Ty is good at engaging people to focus on their goals, and helps in developing great leaders and sales managers. He uses the power of influence and storytelling to give his audience tangible methods and techniques to increase their influence and impact as leaders, and to improve their lives and careers to achieve business success.

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