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easeus backup
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In this digital age, we depend a lot on our system to keep our business running and we need to ensure that we have a reliable and secure server backup software among other things. It is a plus if the system backup is fast and saves you time with its easy to use one-click system for all of your backup and restore needs that make better use of IT administrator’s time.

EaseUS Todo Backup Server is all you need and so much more. It is proven to be more cost effective as it costs only 50% of any of the other competitors as a server backup software without sacrificing any of the features, benefits or even performance. Plus the system backup is proven to be a reliable solution that backs up your entire crucial business data and protects them in a safe way to ensure your business continuity plan is in place, minimizing server downtime and improve overall productivity. It is also compatible with the latest Windows Server 2012 that allows you to back up and restore your entire Server system state which includes your operating system and all of the installed applications plus all the data on the Windows Server 2012. Finally, with multiple language support, such as English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Português, Polski and 日本語, you won’t be left behind in getting to use this server backup software.

easeus backup

EaseUS Todo Backup Server 8.0 primarily has a few major functions apart from being a system backup solution. It also provides recovery, comprehensive backup management and a couple of advanced tools that differentiates itself from the rest of the server backup software that is available.

For example, as a System Backup solution, it allows for a full system protection that allows you to easily back up and recover your entire operating system when a disaster happens. Then with the System Restore, you can now quickly recover your entire Windows system backup in minutes to the original state or to a new location using a Linux or WinPE bootable media. As a Comprehensive Backup Management, the server backup software can be used to easily manage (view, edit, update, delete) backup job and automatically delete the out-of-date backup images thus saving storage space. As part of the Advanced Tools, it can perform Migration and Clone for a fast, easy and safe migration system to a faster Solid State Drive or a bigger Hard Disk Drive as part of a disk replacement or an upgrade.

All you need to start things off is to download and install EaseUS Todo Backup Server and begin system backup immediately. There’s no need to reboot in order to complete the installation.

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