CompTIA Launched Android and IOS Security+Apps for Social Media Geeks

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It is estimated and predicted that the mobile application downloads around the globe are expected to rise at an accelerating rate. Millions and billions of people download apps regularly to their mobile devices and any security lapse might increase a great risk towards user’s privacy. Many developers are not well versed in developing secure mobile applications therefore there was an immense need to educate and train developers to design and develop secure apps to maximize user satisfaction. Keeping in view this scenario, CompTIA, has launched a brand new certification named as Mobile App security+ certification to train and validate the knowledge of software developers to design secure apps for Android and IOS mobile devices.


Mobile App Security+ for Android – ADR-001

The Mobile App Security+ App is named as ADR-001, which is designed in such a way so as to test a developer’s comprehension of core security feature, principle, and API’s of IOS and Android. There are two exams one is an Android edition and one is IOS edition and a candidate needs to pass only one exam to get certified as CompTIA’s Mobile App Security+ developer.

Exam prerequisites

Anyone who is interested to build their career in Social Media must try to boost their career by taking these exams and must have hands on knowledge in the fields of JAVA programming, C-language programming, SQL coding, principles and basics of mobile application security, and implementation of encryption for each OS (IOS or Android).

The exam tests the knowledge about

  • Threat models
  • APIs’ security features
  • Software development’s security features
  • Security principles
  • Network security
  • Methods of secure coding
  • Implementation of encryption
  • Hardening of apps
  • Security of the data

Exam significance for a developer

A developer who successfully clears any of the two Mobile App security+ exams reflects his/her sheer ability and understanding of core skills and knowledge pertaining to secure application development for either IOS or Android platform.

Target population

CompTIA Mobile App Security+ certification exams are designed for testing the comprehension and abilities of mobile application developers, developers of app management, developers specializing in network security, and software developers. By clearing the exams, the developers can excel in their respective fields and can expand the horizon for better job prospects.

Areas covered by exams

  • The areas that both of exams will be covering include:
  • Secure app development principles
  • Android and IOS platform’s models of security
  • Threats to mobile application security
  • Security models of web related services
  • Methods of secure coding
  • Cryptography implementation
  • Encryption pertaining to communication and storage

Exam Training

With the release of the Mobile APP Security+ exam, CompTIA’s official learning partner “Logical Operation” has launched course for both IOS and Android exams. The course is available for both students and instructors at CompTIA’s and Logical Operations’ online store. CompTIA’s official website contains all registration and course details for the Mobile App Security+ exams. Moreover interested candidates can find useful updates, test materials and online practice tests at self test training. Self-test training materials, online practice tests, and all related study material for Mobile App Security+ exams’ can be found on its website.

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