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Getting injured at work is not something you think about. It’s a rather unfortunate event that takes you by surprise and might get you down. But you must know that you are not alone in that situation. Although unexpected, there are specialized people you can resort to in order to solve this unpleasant problem, and they are called workers’ compensation lawyers. About what they really do and how workers’ comp lawyers in Atlanta can help you in times of distress you will find out more in this article.

When do you need to resort to a workers’ comp lawyer?

Minor injuries do not usually require the implication of a workers’ comp lawyer. Let’s say, for example, that you twisted your ankle at the office and that can be solved with some bed rest and medication. You will take some days off and will be back at work in no time. In cases such as this one, everything should be solved by the employer, without the implication of a lawyer.

It’s in major injuries scenarios when you should usually resort to a compensation lawyer. Or whenever your claim is denied because of reasons such as non-work-related injury or filling to late. By the way, you should file the complaint within 30 days of the accident to be eligible to collect any benefit.

Whenever you have a preexisting condition, your claim might be denied and you should talk to a compensation lawyer. In those cases, they might correlate your recent work injury with the old one and deprive you of your benefits. If your claim is being denied, please read this article in order to find out more about the cases when you should resort to a comp lawyer.

What does a comp lawyer do?

In order to understand how they can help you, you must know a little bit about what workers’ comp lawyers do. They are not like any other lawyers; they are specialized in the niche of workers’ compensation and this is why you need them and not any other kind of lawyer.

A workers’ comp lawyer’s main goal is to help you get all the benefits needed at the end of the trial. His tasks are multiple and different, but all revolve mainly around paperwork. A workers’ comp lawyer has to gather medical records – this representing the main evidence in your trial. It is important for you to prove in court that you are suffering from an injury and there is nothing more accurate than a medical record to do that. This will indicate not only the type of injury but also the time you are meant to spend in bed rest or, in more severe cases if any surgical interventions are required. You can see some insight on this issue right here:

Research and depositions are the other two main important tasks on a workers’ comp lawyer’s list. Apart from gathering paperwork, the lawyer has to interview both the claimant (you) and medical experts in order to have an overview of the situation and build a strong case.

After all the documents and interviews have been gathered and analyzed in accordance with the Atlanta comp laws, the lawyer will have to litigate the case before a judge or referee. This is where his public speaking skills come to light.

Which are the benefits of hiring a comp lawyer in Atlanta?

When hiring a compensation lawyer, you can forget all about the dull paperwork, having to prepare a speech and facing a judge with your case. Your lawyer will take care of everything for you and you can focus on getting better as soon as possible. A good lawyer will get you both medical and wage benefits, while you will be resting and recovering.

We surfed the internet for you and Ramos Law Firm – workers’ rights advocate is one of the places you could go to if in Atlanta. It’s important to find a lawyer who fights for you not because he wants to get your money, but because he cares about your future. In this way, you will have someone to ask all your questions from the very beginning, and your case will be well documented and presented in front of the judge. Not having to pay for your comp lawyer in advance is proof of his professionalism and self-trust.

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