Who Says Women Can’t Practice Law? Heres Are the Best Areas of Law to Work In

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There seems to be a myth perpetrating that women cannot do law. This is rubbish. There are some seriously, kick-ass women in the world of law. While it may be true that the ratio of men to women in the law world is somewhat unbalanced, it doesn’t mean that women cannot do the job. On the contrary, the law world gives the highest praise to all that do well within its industry, irrespective of gender.

So, break down these divisions and take a look at some brilliant areas of law that you can get into, regardless of your sex.


1.  Human Rights

Working within the field of human rights law can be a good area of law to work within. Many women have been trailblazers for the human rights of other women in the most disadvantaged areas. Women lawyers have taken the helm of human rights. They fought to make sure that men, women and children in poorer nations are getting what they truly deserve. This is a complex area of law to get into, but it is certainly rewarding. You may not make a lot of money from this, but you can ensure that you are helping your fellow man and changing the world. Human rights lawyers focus on women’s rights, such as the right to say no and the right to birth control. This is a vast area but certainly a rewarding one. Take a look at Lexis Nexis law research for more information.

2.  Family Law

Assisting families in times of crisis can be tough. So much so, that it is an underemployed area. Family lawyers deal with marriage break-ups, fostering and adoption, mediation and child access matters. This is an emotionally difficult area of the law profession. But, if you are eager to make family life easier for others this could be a huge area for you to get into.

3.  Corporate Law

Corporate law is possibly one of the most lucrative areas of the law industry. This area of law means that you will be assisting companies and corporations with their legal endeavours. This can involve long hours. But, if you are determined to make a lot of money and ensure that businesses are compliant in the world of law, this is perfect for you. Negotiation skills are critical to this kind of job. Working as a fat-cat city slicker is the dream for many.

4.  Taxation Law

While taxes may be dull, they are inevitable. No one can escape paying taxes. With this in mind, lawyers are certainly needed within the world of tax. For many women, this is a lucrative and prosperous way to earn a living. After all, taxes are a certainty and every business owner, small or large, will need to pay them. You can ensure that they are tax compliant and do not run into difficulties. You can make sure that you are the go-to person for taxation affairs.

Becoming a lawyer takes a lot of gumption. You need to be determined and have steely grit. But, if you are keen to make waves in a man’s world, you can be an amazing lawyer.

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