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WordPress hosting
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If you are looking for a qualified web hosting company to host an independent WordPress site, we concluded 5 killing tips for you on how to choose a trusted web hosting company to go. There are more than 50,000 web hosts over the Internet and the 90% of them are sucks. The research before the purchase is the must-do work, especially when you try to pay the bill via credit cards.

WordPress hosting

1. Read Customer Reviews

As usual, whenever you are going to buy something, search about the reputation of the product, and try to find the public customer reviews on that provider or product. This is the same to find a web host for hosting WordPress sites. In the web hosting industry, you can easily find the web hosting customer reviews at WordPress host at BestHostingSearch.NET – a historical web hosting review & rating website since 2006. Based on the review statistics shown on the site, it has collected 3076 verified customer reviews for 100+ web hosting companies so far.

2. Ask The Experts

Asking to the industry experts is another effective way to know about the best recommended web hosting company to go. Ask the professional who is experienced on website hosting, take the opinion of the proper and professional person. If you are a blogger and looking to start a blog by leveraging WordPress, it would be great if you ask to your blogger friends. At least they have had the thoughts based on their blogging experience. Meanwhile, you can also read the professional blogs in the niche to help you find the best web hosting company.

3. Check The Customer Service

Talk with the customer service is another way to confirm with the quality of the web host. Check with whether the web host provide the technical support via telephone and live chat, and ask anything about the web hosting and the suppoted features of servers. If the technical support gives your satisfied answers then it shall be trust-worth. Usually, the big web hosting companies have a large number of employees in the support department so that they can reply quickly.

4. See The Industry Reputation Of Web Host

Usually, it’s recommended to checking the credibility of the web hosting company through checking the Alexa ranking, Google PR ranking, web hosting company’s domain age, the design of website, community voice and personal experience.

5. Compare Web Hosting Offers

After had 2 or 3 web hosting offers in mind, you can compare the cost, including the price, the inclusion of a free domain name, free Google AdWords credits, free Bing/Yahoo search credits, free Facebook advertising credits, and the length of money back guarantee.


The website hosting is surely an important factor on developing a blog. If you are working hard in writing quality content but using cheap & unreliable hosting, then you just purchase worries and troubles. The horrible web hosts can destroy everything you have done for months and years.

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