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Pinterest Boards Ideas for Online Stores

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There was a lot of buzz around Pinterest a few years ago which declined a little. But nevertheless this social network is very popular today and you can use it to your benefit. If used wisely, Pinterest will let you increase brand popularity and get more sales. Here are some great Pinterest boards ideas for your business.

Some basics first

Before exploring creative ideas, you should start with some general ones. If you sell gifts, apparel or something of that kind, Pinterest is a gold mine for you. Here are some general boards you can create:

  1. Boards with your products organized by categories.
  2. A board with most popular items and best sellers.
  3. A board with new arrivals.
  4. Also share products that can be pre ordered (if you give this opportunity).
  5. Your sale items and special offers can also get an additional exposure if you organize them on Pinterest.
  6. If you have a company blog (you must have it, I’m serious), then create a separate board for blog posts images.

Once you have created these boards, it’s time to move on to more interesting ideas.

Creative ideas for eCommerce Pinterest boards

1. Styles from your customers

This is not an easy but quite effective way of showing how your products look like in real life. These pictures are like photo reviews that are shared by your own customers. On the one hand, such reviews show the variants of your products usage; on the other hand they are seen as social proof. In any case, creating a Pinterest board with styles from your customers can increase your conversions dramatically.



2. Gifts

If your products can be bought as gifts, show it to your customers and help them to make a choice by organizing products:

  • By gender;
  • By holiday;
  • By style;
  • By price;
  • By any other criterion you want.


3. How to and DIY

This is a great idea for creative people. This Pinterest board can be connected with your products (especially if you sell some supplements) or with your niche. You can even create detailed DIY posts in your blog and then encourage people to share what they managed to create. It will help you to build better relationships with your customers.


4. Show where your product can be found

If you have resellers and dealers, you can show them! Here is a great example from Sephora:


5. Tips

If you are a pro in your sphere (of course, you are!), you can share your knowledge with people. Your tips should be informative and useful, and don’t forget about appealing pictures.



There are many famous and remarkable people that are connected with your industry and quotes that may be interesting to your audience. Research these topics and create a Pinterest board with quotes which are one of the most traffic-rich sources on Pinterest.


7. Infographics

Infographics is still a great way of presenting information. You can create your own and/or collect quality infographics created by other brands. The main thing is to create a targeted board that will be relevant to your customers.


8. Industry news

Become a mouthpiece of your industry by publishing and collecting industry news. For example, if you sell tablets and smartphones, you can create a Pinterest board with news from technology world.


9. Your team and everyday adventures

No matter what your company is selling, there are real people behind it. It would be interesting for customers to get to know your team better.


Anything else?

I’ve listed just a few ideas for your business Pinterest boards, there are much more of them. You can easily generate new ideas for your company after answering the following questions:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What are their interests?
  • What inspires them?
  • What do they want to learn?
  • Which topics are closely connected with your industry?

I hope this will help you create attractive Pinterest boards for your business and get more traffic and sales. This should also help you to build a real community around your business. Just remember that you need a combination of methods and platforms to get maximum boost, so don’t overlook other opportunities.

Author: Kristina Azarenko

Author Bio: Kristina pays careful attention to the latest marketing trends while developing detailed strategies for site performance improvement. She is a marketing manager and SEO specialist at Amasty, a company that develops professional Magento extensions which make the lives of Magento store owners easier.

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