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How to Manage Negative Comments from Social Media

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Every once in a while, you will encounter some negativity on your social media accounts. Some of it may be legitimate while others may just be out of spite or from folks looking to cause some trouble and bury your brand.

Whatever the case, what you need to know is that your approach to the issue(s) will largely determine if you will survive the onslaught. You may be in the right, but if your approach is wrong, it will burn you big time.

That said, the following are some proven effective ways to manage and handle negative comments, remarks and campaigns on your social media accounts.

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Don’t Give Them More Fodder

Time and again, we’ve seen business owners threaten commenters, rant, and get angry on social media. This is the wrong approach and will do some serious damage to your brand. Listen, you do have a right to be livid and enraged at outright falsehoods.

But, how you address the issue matters more. Name calling, insults, foul language and sentimental/emotional approach to any accusations simply provides more fodder for the accusers. Instead, address whatever issues objectively and calmly.

Professionalism is everything. Are there times when you would prefer to slap some sense into some idiot’s head? Sure. But, should you mention that on social media? Never. Doing that casts you as unprofessional and incapable of handling a little confrontation.

Address Issues Instantly

Sometimes, you will have unsatisfied customers come on social media to complain about their dissatisfaction. If/when this happens, address their issues almost immediately and suggest ways to ameliorate the situation or compensate them for their troubles.

This is classy, effective and will often diffuse any tensions. In fact, if you address the client’s problems and go the extra mile to appease them, you could even ask them to give a testimonial on your social media account.

This is powerful and reverses any negative impressions and damages people might have had as a result of the complaint.

Take the Issue “Offline”

This could mean asking them to send you their number so you can reach them or getting them to inbox you their details so you can handle the problem privately. This is always effective and draws your audience’s attention away from the altercation to the solution.

Always Proffer Possible Solutions

Now, there are clients who for whatever reason prefer that you address their concerns or complaints publicly –clients or customers like this may have made some attempts to reach you privately without any luck.

If this happens, you should provide them with a list of possible solutions. Always be about the solution, not the problem. There’s no point in trying to justify your actions or argue the point. It makes you look bad. Being proactive on the other hand, is good for your brand.

Hire Influencers to Spread More Positive Cheer

If you have tried to quench the “fire” of negativity without any success, you might want to start thinking of drowning the negativity. Please note that this could go either way. If the comments and negative attacks are legit, it could further damage your reputation.

But if they aren’t, this can help mitigate the situation. To do this, you would need to get in touch with top influencers in your market and ask them to spread some good word about your brand. Use tools like Neoreach to connect with readily available influencers if you want that done quickly and effectively.

Remember, the customer is king and is always right. If the customer has legitimate concerns, address them. If the attackers have baseless claims, get them to provide proof of their claims and they’ll most likely scamper away.

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Oscar King is a freelance writer and businessman who has had experience in the marketing industry and shares his insights and tips in managing it successfully. If you wish to learn more about Oscar, please visit his Google+ profile.
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