If you are looking to start a new website then choosing Hostoople as your best reseller hosting and Joomla as your content management system are both excellent decisions that will get you set up with a solid foundation. Hostoople is one of the most popular and most respected web hosting companies because of their reliability and customer support.

Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems, having been downloaded over 30 million times, because it gives you a framework that establishes easy ways to manipulate your site and its content to create your website exactly like you imagined it. HostGator Joomla hosting gives you both reliability and ease of use and will allow you to have a beautiful website up and functional in no time at all.



Joomla CMS

Joomla is a content management system (CMS). Its popularity in this capacity is exceeded only by that of WordPress. Joomla can be used to set up any type of website from the simplest blog to the most complicated ecommerce site. Three elements work together seamlessly to create a Joomla website. The first part of a Joomla website is your content. This is normally stored in a MySQL database that can be accessed by authorized users. The second part of a Joomla website is your template. This is the design of your website. It controls all of the pieces that give your site its appearance like fonts, colors, and the specific layout that you have in mind. The third part is Joomla itself. Joomla takes your template and applies it to the content that is stored in the database in order to create your individual web pages.

Joomla works in a process that is comprised of a platform and several different types of extensions. Think of the platform as the base of instructions that are installed with Joomla and allow it to operate smoothly. Extensions are what allow you to add other features on top of the basic installation to increase the functionality of your website. Your template is an example of a Joomla extension. You can install and uninstall extensions any time you want and there is probably an extension already available for just about any feature that you may wish to add. Joomla and most of the extensions that you will find for it are freely available as open source software. You can choose to install Joomla either manually or through the much more convenient one click install that is included in HostGator Joomla ready accounts.

Hosting Options

A few years ago if you wanted to use Joomla you would have had no choice but to use a Linux hosting option. But with recent changes to Joomla it is now possible to install it on a Windows based server so you are free to choose either platform to host your site. On a Linux account you will install Joomla by using the Fantastico installation script that is included inside the cPanel version of control panel that comes with your hosting account.

On a Windows account you will install Joomla through the Microsoft Web Platform Installer which will also examine your Windows installation and install any of the Joomla dependencies that may be missing including MySQL and PHP. These one click installation methods are very convenient and much easier than the manual method which forces you to set up all of the necessary databases by hand.

If you choose to go with the Windows platform for your HostGator Joomla hosting needs then you will have two choices as to a hosting package. You will need to choose between shared hosting and a dedicated server because these are the only two choices that HostGator has available for Windows hosting at this time. A new site will most likely be quite comfortable on the shared hosting option until it becomes popular and has a steady influx of visitors. At that time it will be an easy process to back up your Joomla installation and move it to adedicated server where you will have complete control.

If Linux is your platform of choice for your HostGator Joomla hosting then you will have three choices when it comes to a hosting package. Shared hosting is available on Linux servers and as with Windows hosting will likely be the first choice if you are just starting up a new website. Linux dedicated servers are also available as an option, but one will not be necessary until your site has grown quite large because, unlike with the Windows packages,Linux VPS servers are available that give you a lot of room to grow after you have made the decision to move up from shared hosting. The other option available, a reseller account, is not really appropriate for your HostGator Joomla hosting needs unless you plan to resell Joomla hosting to others.

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