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Just about everything is available on internet; only your search has to be in the right direction. When sitting back and blogging from the laptop, all you need is internet to find the right things especially apps. For this approach an iPad or a smartphone is not a must have for tilting back and forth to search and download apps. There are number of Google Chrome apps which will prove handy and not only serve the need but go an extra mile to help you acquire the desired result.
If you haven’t downloaded Chrome; do it! It has a lot to offer and as far as we believe, it so far best at its service. Now, before you jump to the listed apps by Google Chrome for your blogging; check the printed bags and choose the best of the merchandise available.

google chrome

1. App:

Keeping yourself organized when you’re blogging is one aspect of achieving positive results. When you know what you have to and in what time; the success ultimately works along. Having a To Do List online is an effective way of keeping reminders for you and assigning tasks. One of the best task management tools provided by Chrome is “” which helps you keeping your blog post ideas, identified guest post blogs etc. all together at one place. It helps you organizing your tasks into sub-projects and projects, highlights them, and helps in dragging and dropping them for reorganization. When the assigned dates to the tasks arrive, you’ll get the updates in your Today Box. You can sit back and do the other things and your tasks will be reminded by your

2. Screen Capture App:

Google Chrome offers a great app to capture screens for adding into tutorials. Every new or old blogger has to prepare some sort of tutorials for assisting their readers with a step by step guide and this is where it’s best to add screen shots. The Screen Capture app by Chrome helps you capturing full page or part of the page image from anywhere, and let’s edits it by allowing you to draw, write or circle over a certain place. You can save the edited image and insert it into the place where it’s required.

3. Slide Snack App:

Slide Snack is a five star rated app which lets you share the documents as a slideshow. Bloggers have to try different things to attract readers from playing around with images and colors to changing the way content appears on the page. Those that have a number of text related post need a way to show the content in a slideshow which looks more presentable then ordinary format. Slide Snack helps in fulfilling this requirement where you can upload keynote, word or a file in PDF form instantly.

4. Shareaholic App:

Blogging can be as fun as you want, especially when the niche is as per your interest. To do any sort of your work it’s important for you to develop an interest in your job, it will become easier and your experience would become a learning process. With Shareaholic you can increase the pleasantness in blogging and make social sharing easy. Embedded within your browser it enables you to share with anyone anywhere. The loading is speedy and it enables sharing on any favorite site of yours. All the sharing material remains on a single place for access and remains secured.

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