Features of Recruiting Software and Their Benefits

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In the past, many recruitment agencies and human resource departments relied on the traditional process of recruitment to fill vacant positions. However, this method of recruitment was always riddled with a plethora of challenges. First, companies were always exposed to the risk of hiring incompetent employees since they could not cast their nets as wide as possible.

There was also the problem of efficiently defining the performance factors or requirements of the positions. This meant that the interview questions were not derived from the performance factors. Due to traditional recruitment methods, hiring authorities could not assess the mentality and personality of the job applicants.


The emergence of online recruiting

However, these challenges were pushed to the periphery with the emergence of online recruiting. This is a situation where job applicants tender their application through the Internet. Recruiting software has been the hallmark of this new form of recruitment. It has assisted many recruitment agencies and HR departments to avoid the previous challenges associated with traditional recruiting.

Thanks to recruiting software, hiring authorities can easily undertake all the tasks involved in the recruitment process. The software often comprises a database full of job descriptions. These descriptions are employed when making job postings and formulating data associated with pre-employment testing. Such software application may be automated to conduct background checks about job applicants. They also contain outsourced reference, employee on boarding process and relocation management.

Features of a good recruiting software

Many companies have delved into the business of providing recruiting software services. Not all of these companies are guaranteed to provide good services. As such, effective recruiting software is discernible using a number of features. These include:

Wide reach

A good recruiting software enables recruitment agencies or HR departments to efficiently make job postings. These postings should be able to reach a wider audience thanks to the software. When the postings reach a lot of people, chances are that there may be qualified individuals among this lot. The software will also enable the hiring authority to effectively sort out the hundreds or thousands of applications.


Essentially, the proper recruiting software application saves companies from expenses associated with traditional recruitment. Without the presence of this software, these firms would have to part with money towards such activities like printing, design and advertising. The software allows them to automate the pre-selection exercise, which would otherwise be the prerogative of the HR personnel. The involvement of these individuals would mean paying them for their services. Coupled with proper planning and research, the software should enable them to use various reliable platforms on the Internet to reach a lot of job applicants without having to spend exorbitantly on advertisements.

Interaction with applicants

Using recruiting software to recruit new employees accords companies with the advantage of interaction. These companies can interact with the candidates for the jobs and obtain more information about them. The immediate flow of information from both sides enables the recruitment process to flow smoothly. For potential employers, the software offers them the opportunity to know more about the competence or ineptness of the applicants.

High speed

The combination of the Internet and recruiting software also boasts of a high-speed characteristic. This means that companies can immediately commence the interviewing process after posting the vacancies. This is beneficial for firms that may be experiencing huge workloads and could be in need of extra work force.

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