Want More Readers to Your Blog: Ever Consider Hosting a Promotional Giveaway?

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Most bloggers can only dream of running a blog that receives millions of visitors every month. The simple truth is that a blog like that takes quite a bit of time, and an immense amount of effort. Moreover, by that time, the blog is most likely operated by more than one webmaster due to the fact that the workload has probably increased considerably.

While running a blog like that may be a distant, far-off dream, running a successful blog in general is not. After your blog has been established and you have a steady flow of content drawing in readers every month, you should direct your focus in keeping those readers interested, as well as attracting new ones. With that being said, one of the easiest ways to lure in new traffic is to host a promotional giveaway on your blog; not to mention, this presents the opportunity to let your creative juices run wild.


What should you giveaway though? And more importantly, how should you give it away. Obviously, the goal here is not to simply give away a colorful array of Bic Clic Pens branded with your blog’s brand, but rather something more appealing to the general populace. This is where you can incorporate your blog’s niche. For instance, if you were the mastermind behind a vegetarian cooking blog, you could give away a tofu press, considering that tofu is a major staple in the vegetarian’s diet; therefore, many of current readers, as well as new readers, might find that particular price to be quite appealing.

Furthermore, nothing physical even has to be given away. Some webmasters will host contests in which the winner of the contest is awarded a special piece of software, or perhaps even a free copy of an eBook, that you originally sell on your site for $29.99. Quite simply put, what you give away is not so much important as how you give it away. Contests are the norm for most bloggers, whether inducing new readers to submit recipes for cooking blog, or a graphic design blog hosting a drawing contest for the site’s new logo.

You also must decide if there will be multiple prizes awarded. If this is the case, that means you will have to determine a first place prize, as well as prizes for those who place second and third. Obviously, the prizes will need to diminish in overall value. By that, I mean you do not want the second place winner receiving a prize that is more valued than the prize for first place.

Hosting a promotional giveaway or contest, as you can see above, is an easy way to attract new attention to your blog. New attention means more readers, and more readers means more publicity and, quite possibly, more income. There are various ways to entertain this idea, but a contest provides the most creative portal. And besides, who doesn’t like free stuff? Even a free key chain will be gladly accepted by somebody out there. So, what are you waiting for?

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