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According to the Chinese, crisis consists of two elements, danger and opportunity. Negative outcomes are often perceived in a legal case, or when a witness is discredited at a trial. The danger of that situation is an individual’s normal reaction. This is what makes the difference between failure and success in a firm. With each crisis, firms should make an effort to derive the opportunities that lie therein.


With all of the clichés that are available about crisis, rising phoenix, making the most of a bad situation, the tough gets going, clouds with silver linings, rising to the challenges, etc., crisis will arise, but panic is not acceptable unless failure is a vision of yours.

Crisis signals a time when there is an impending decisive change, especially when the outcome is possibly undesirable for a firm. Crisis communication is important for any legal firm, whether a fledgling or an established one. The best time to get help with a crisis is in the beginning. Getting a firm to do your legal PR can also afford them the opportunity to help in times of crisis.

Black Letter PR can eliminate the possibility of an outcome that is highly undesirable and turn it into a possible, desirable one. Their job is to lessen the impact of negative publicity and derive victory from an otherwise negative outcome.

The experts at Black Letter PR can perceive the crisis, identify the opportunities, and get the best results from the bad situation. Instead of thinking of reasons why it is occurring in your firm again, or why your firm, when the response is justified. Enlist the services of their PR firm and let them deal with it professionally as they know how to. They will take decisive action to set it straight and perform damage control for what was already leaked to the press and other unscrupulous media personnel.

The aspect of danger may seem real when a crisis strikes. If you look back on your past crises, how many of them, without a PR firm yielded disastrous results? Should you have taken steps to prevent it before it occurred? What are you prepared to do about it now? These are questions that should be considered before something happens that can cause you to lose income and clients.

You can dedicate some time to answering these questions and decide to act before the next one occurs. Preparation and planning can help your firm to be ready for any crisis that pop up. Obstacles can be anticipated in advance and if your firm is prepared, it will be of little consequence as the professionals can help you to plan for it. With expert assistance, unforeseen circumstances can be handled in the right way.

Use Black Letter PR to give you peace of mind, get positive results, and remove the possibility of these questions becoming recurrent ones. Black Letter PR will hold negotiations with relevant parties, the media, and other involved personnel. They hold discussions with media personnel and will represent your firm at events.

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