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An interesting news featuring regarding our UK readers. Android is now the most popular OS in the UK. According to a report published in the guardian and collected by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech those devices with pre installed Android OS’s have the largest market share. To be exact the info graphic below states that the Android OS has a 36.9 % share in the mobile OS market. This is a fairly staggering figure considering the how long the Android has been on the scene.

The data is presented at a time when over 50% of the British public own a smartphone. For the first time you are now a minority if you do not own a smartphone. This then is bigger business than ever. Thank fully where Android was once vying for a market share they are now dominating. The study, which you can read straight from the source here, also details that this market lead may not maintain. It notes that Apple’s percentage share is up almost 8% in the last year alone. It adds that Apple is not the only one, as the data shows Windows phone’s are making inroads too.

If you’re an Android fanboy this is exciting news indeed and yet another reflection of the quality of an OS which allows its user to have full control of their OS. I think that this will ultimately lead to the continued advancement and maintenance of Android’s market share, in the UK at least. That idea of customisability is something the majority of people wish to feel. Let us know what you think in the comments below. I believe Google clearly understand this. It is evident in their shift to become the Google Play Store. A move which seeks to promote the Android OS and its associated Market as a fully functioning ecosystem, much like Apple’s app store. Hopefully this continued emphasis on complete usability and access will make for Android to top sales figures worldwide.

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