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Weird is In! Four Completely Unique Promotional Products for your Business

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From humble beginnings, the world of promotional products had grown tremendously from the business cards of yesteryear. Contemporary products span the spectrum from mundane and ordinary, to completely bizarre in every sense of the word. These days though, in a business climate that demands originality, it is the bizarre that can make a business excel.

Manufacturers like have noticed the increasing demand for uniqueness and have met the growing trend with force, creating and distributing a diverse variety of new and creative business promotional items. Four such products making waves in the promotional ocean can be seen below.


Mobile Alarm Clock

You are probably like most snooze abusers, hitting the snooze button six or seven times before actually getting out of bed. You’re not alone; according to recent statistics, around forty percent of people have the same problem. Not to worry though, promotional product manufacturers such as ePromos offer a unique and innovative solution to end the snooze abuse. Enter Clocky!

Clocky is a custom alarm clock that literally makes it impossible to avoid the alarm. Sitting on two wheels, this alarm clock will gladly sound the alarm for you to rise and shine. However, hit the snooze button and Clocky will actually run away from you. This clock is unique in the fact that it will jump from your nightstand and maneuver around your room, evading your weary “snooze hand” until you are forced to get up.

Clocky is made by Nanda Home and is generally available in four metallic colors including silver, blue, black, and pink. Like any promotional product, the alarm clock can be printed with a custom name, logo, or graphic.

Stethoscope Light

Even those in the medical field can take advantage of promotional benefits. Another unique item offered by promotional product manufacturers is the stethoscope. No surprises here; as the name suggests, the stethoscope light is a light that attaches directly to a stethoscope. Doctors, nurses, and others in the medical profession can bring a little light (literally!) into their daily lives.

A sleek, contemporary design, accompanied with super-bright LED light makes for the perfect way to create a fun environment for patients and doctors, and a unique advertising medium for businesses. The bell of the stethoscope—the part that the doctor places over the region he or she wants to listen too—is where the light attaches, so one can imagine how visible this particular product is to anyone around.

The stethoscope light is completely detachable and is available in black and translucent red, blue, and green.

The iPlunge

It is apparent that we live in an iWorld, filled with all sorts of apple creations ranging from the iPod and iPhone, to the iPad and iMac. Well, the promotional product world is listening and Fred and Friends has since released the iPlunge, a low-tech object for a high-tech device.

The iPlunge is basically a stand for your iPhone or iPod that is shaped like a miniature plunger. The user simply mashes the plunger end of the device onto the back of an iPhone and the device will hold the device at roughly a 45 degree angle allowing for optimal video viewing.

The iPlunge can be purchased through a number of sources including Pinnacle Promotions. The stick end of the plunger can easily be imprinted with a company name, logo, or personal message, making it a completely unique promotional tool. Even better is the fact that the iPlunge does not cater solely to the iPod or iPhone. In fact, it will attach to any electronic with a smooth, hard surface.

Grow Guy

Businesses now have the unique option of combining advertising with something similar to the chia pet, made famous more than a decade ago. This something is known as Grow Guy. Grow Guy is a tiny, ceramic object shaped like a person. While that might not sound creative at first, you must take into account that Grow Guy has grass sprouting from atop his head.

Standing at three inches in height, Grow Guy might be small in stature but quite effective in terms of promotional capabilities. The head comes preloaded with seeds, so all you have to do is add water and watch the grass grow.

Available through a number of sources, Grow Guy can easily be purchased from the Far From Boring website. Each Grow Guy object can sport a company’s logo right in the middle of his chest, presenting a cunning new way to promote.

Whether a business chooses to include one of the unique promotional products listed above, or chooses one of the hundreds more out there, the fact still remains the same; a business needs to remain original. If it appears similar to the competition then what is stopping a customer from simply going elsewhere to have his or her needs satisfied? That is why it is important to thoroughly plan and effectively execute a successful marketing campaign, and promotional products are a good place to start.

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