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Shine Online – 5 Ways to Improve the User Experience for Your Online Customers

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Customer service has always been a core component of being successful in business. You put a smile on your face, provide assistance as your customers peruse the shelves, and ensure your store is clean, tidy, and presentable Logo Design.

However, the rules for providing a memorable experience for online customers are a little different. How are you supposed to provide exceptional customer service when you will never meet your customers in person? Find out below.

Offer Something Unexpected

When customers purchase goods from your website, they expect to receive that item in the mail and an invoice for how much they spent. You can improve the experience by giving them something they don’t expect, such as online promotional products, discount coupons, and even free samples.

These small extras don’t have to cost a lot, but they can leave a lasting impression that sees that customer return to your online store in the future.

Provide an Excellent Shipping Experience

A customer might spend days deciding what they want to buy online. When they finally hit the checkout button, they expect it to be shipped out to them at lightning speed. Try not to disappoint.

While you can’t control the speed at which a shipping company moves, you can control how you manage the overall shipping process. Try to offer the most competitive rates – or even free shipping, if you can. It may also help to provide notifications at each part of the process, such as when you’re fulfilling the order, sending it, and the day it’s set to arrive at the customer’s door.

Even if you provide high-quality products, a poor shipping experience can put a customer off shopping with you again.

Make Your Site User-Friendly

If the process for navigating your website and making a purchase isn’t intuitive, customers will be quick to abandon their baskets and shop elsewhere. With this in mind, it’s essential that you do what it takes to make every aspect of your site a breeze to use and explore.

Along with user testing, this will involve doing your homework on sales funnels, which are a series of steps a customer must take to complete a sale. The more straightforward the sales funnel, the more likely you can turn a site visitor into a paying customer.

Request Feedback

A customer may not have had the best shopping experience with you. However, unless they go to the effort of locating your contact information or leaving a review, you may never know what you could do to improve.

Feedback, no matter how much it stings, is essential for growth. It can also take the guesswork out of ways to be more competitive in the marketplace. Provide a review avenue for people to leave their honest feedback. Social media, Google, and the website itself can be excellent places to start. You may even like to offer an incentive for reviews, such as a discount code.

Be Transparent

Millions of scam and phishing websites are created every year. They can look like any other website, but the difference is that you pay money and receive nothing in return. What often sets apart scam websites from genuine ones like yours is transparency.

Make sure you provide up-to-date shipping information, company policies, and contact information. You may even choose to go the extra mile with a live chat function. The more honest your site looks, the more trust you build with your customer base.

Whether you’ve been selling goods online for several years or you’re just starting, there are always improvements to be made. Enhance your customers’ shopping experiences by implementing the tips above. 

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