Web-Based Services Your Small Business Should be Using

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There’s no doubt that the internet has opened up a huge number of doors for businesses of all shapes and sizes. You can benefit as a business owner both from selling your product and service on the web and from using the products and services that others have made available online. Often, you can get better and cheaper deals on products and services when you buy online and you can also increase efficiency, which is a big benefit to your company.

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the many different online services that are available to them that can benefit their business. To make sure that you are using the services that can help your business to be as productive as possible, here is a list of some web-based services that your small business definitely should be making use of.


Web-Based Services For Your Small Business to Use

Some web-based services that your business should be using include the following:


Webex allows for your employees to have virtual meetings no matter where they are located. Instead of having to send your employees out to travel to meet with others face to face, thus wasting a lot of time and money on the trip, Webex makes it possible for anyone, anywhere to have an interactive meeting over the Internet. Say goodbye to all that travel—meet virtually. 


eFax is an electronic alternative to a fax machine that is a wonderful solution for many businesses. While people don’t send faxes as often any more with the rise of email, there may still be a need for your company to either send or receive the occasional faxed document. If you don’t fax all the time, it can be a waste to maintain a phone line for a fax machine, to have a fax machine and to continually purchase ink for the machine.  eFax provides a simpler and better alternative. You can both send and receive faxes using eFax, and you can get the received faxes via email so they can be accessed from anywhere you are. You can also send faxes from documents on your computer rather than having to print out and mail the information on your desktop or laptop. 

Google Docs

Google is far more than just a search engine. There is an entire suite of software available that you can make use of, including spreadsheet software and Word Processing software. The benefit of making use of Google Docs is that files can be shared among different collaborators so there is no more need to email documents back and forth. You can rest assured that the latest updated version of the document is always being worked on and you can access the files from anywhere. Google’s online suite of officer software is comprehensive and provides many of the same features that the popular Microsoft Word does, but it makes interactive sharing easier and allows you to avoid the purchase of costly software licenses so everyone in your office can have access to Word and spreadsheet software.


Dropbox is another online tool that makes collaboration among different employees and team members much simpler. Dropbox provides online storage, either for free or for a small monthly or annual fee if you need a larger amount of money. Like with Google docs, files that you store on Dropbox can be accessed anywhere and can be shared with whomever you choose to share them with. Dropbox allows you to upload almost any existing files from your computer, though, and you can use Dropbox to access these files on mobile devices, tablets and computers. 

These are just a few of the different online solutions that can provide tremendous help to small businesses with some of the most common tasks that are done every day.  The Internet has made collaboration easier than ever if you take advantage of the right software tools. The sites above can be used for little or no investment. Try

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