The 7 Essential Members Of Any Startup Team

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When you’re starting up your business, you might have everything sorted, right down to the loan approval and the watertight business plan. The only problem is, you need the team who can carry this project, and turn it into reality. Chances are, you’re not going to have space for seven members of staff, but there are seven crucial personalities which need throwing into your team – when you find a potential hiree who can cover more than one base, you’re onto a winner.


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  1. The genius

This person is brimming with passion and excitement for the project. They might not know how to implement their ideas, but they’ll push the team to try for more, and hence, they’ll be instrumental in getting the project off the ground. They might be a bit melodramatic, but they’re the perfect fuel for the fire.

  1. The dreamer

This person sits quietly and comes up with wild ideas. They have the drive to push the business forward, but they don’t necessarily have the industry expertise to make it happen themselves. This person can sometimes be the genius, but more often than not is the leader.

  1. The grafter

This is the person who just gets everything done. They work tirelessly to ensure that no stone lays unturned, office supplies never run out, and everything is up and running smoothly. This person tends to be a fan of deadlines. It is possible that this is the same person as the genius, but not necessarily the case.

  1. The leader

There isn’t a startup on this planet which doesn’t need a clear leader. Even if it’s being run as a social enterprise, a cooperative, or a collaboration, there still needs to be one person who is project managing the whole thing. Their dreaming and grafting is always appreciated, but their real strengths are delegation, and overseeing the bigger picture.


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  1. The veteran

This person knows the industry inside out, and they’re comfortable taking on any aspect of the project with ease. They cover hiring, HR, tech support, and tea-making with aplomb. They will plough through a list of human resource job vacancies to help them to construct the best job adverts and find the best team members. They’ll be the go-to for expertise that no team can do without. While a new startup is formed on new ideas, a solid understanding of the marketplace and climate are essential.

  1. The sales-star

When your business depends on sales, you’re going to want someone in the sales-seat who loves people and gets results. This could easily be the same person as the leader, as they’re most effectively able to sell the product, but the enthusiasm of the genius also makes them a prime candidate.


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  1. The money-keeper

Staying on top of the finances is as important in a tiny startup as it is in a huge, multinational corporation. Someone who’s good with numbers, a bit of a perfectionist, and experienced in dealing with HMRC is perfect for this role, which is why it often goes to the veteran in the team. This is one role which can’t afford to go overlooked.

While your team doesn’t need to be made up of seven people, each of these seven roles need filling.

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