A Business in Growth: Easy and Stressfree Office Relocation

office relocation
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Sooner or later, you’re going to have to move to a bigger office. This is a good thing, though, and a natural step for any business to take which has experienced growth and success the last couple of years. Give yourself and your employees a pat on the back, find an office that is better suited for your needs and get moving with these straightforward tips on relocating offices.

That way, you can focus on being excited about the move rather than stressed – and will have time to discuss all the upgrades you’re going to enjoy.

office relocation

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Eternalise your old office

Walking around in the office and taking pictures with your camera is not for sentimental reasons as much as it is for practicalities. When you’re moving house, you might not care as much about the setup of your furniture, and if everything looks kind of like it used to. Your employees are different from your family, though, and the predictability we enjoy at work makes us resemble cats rather than people.

Try to recreate the same desk layout in the new office. The pictures you take will make it easier to make this happen – especially if you’re moving away from a medium-sized office. Your employees are so important to the success of your business; any abrupt changes may leave you with a few anxious souls during the first couple of days or weeks in the new office.

When you already need to go through a stressful and major change, try to keep the rest as familiar as possible; sure, nobody’s going to have a nervous breakdown over a few changes in the office layout, but you’re just making it a bit more pleasant for them.

Get the new premises up and running

Before you move your staff and your furniture, you should have everything else ready. This means giving it a thorough wash, hiring a window cleaning company right away, purchasing new furniture and decorative pieces since you’re moving to a bigger office, and even consider a fresh coat of paint to make it truly yours.

When you’ve prepared it as well as you can, the actual move will be a lot easier. You already know what kind of layout you want and have the pictures of it as a reminder to make it as fast and easy as possible.

Hire an IT expert

Most businesses today dread office relocation because of the issues with logistic. Your entire business is basically stored on servers as much as in the actual office space, and taking care of this proves to be a headache for most business owners. Don’t waste precious time on trying to tackle this on your own; talk to IT company who are experts on office relocation and let them do what they do best.

Any kind of move is stressful on us, but with the right attitude and an amount of preparation, you’ll be able to slice the amount of stress in half. It’s good news for your company in general as well as your employees as they’ll be able to focus on their work rather than spending time on settling in. Give it a short week in the new office, and everything should be back to normal – if not even better.

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