Songs That Should Never Grace The Workplace

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Every now and again, companies try something different to shake up the office and keep it fresh. We’ve all seen the likes of Google and Facebook take their offices to the next level with bean bag chairs and nap rooms. But, the normal businesses cannot go to these levels and only have music to fall back on to improve the atmosphere. The thought comes from a good place, but sometimes it can be remarkably off base.

Seven Days Of The Week (I Never Go To Work)

The They Might Be Giants’ song Seven Days Of The Week is one of those songs that shouldn’t be allowed in the office. Maybe it is the title that condones not working to your potential or maybe it is the childish melody. To be honest, there are plenty more reasons why this song should stay well clear of anyone trying to be productive.

I’m A Lazy Sod

Next up we have The Sex Pistols. In general, the Sex Pistols never made music that was pro establishment. In fact, they are the epitome of anti-establishment and anti-work. If you let them, they will get into the heads of everyone in the office!

Soul Suckin’ Jerk

Beck might not be the most controversial of artists, but this song could not be clearer. Work is the enemy and it is a soul sucking jerk. That is the kind of message you don’t want to promote in the workplace.

If you want to find out more about anti-work songs, the infographic below is a great place to visit.

Infographic By The Work Place Depot

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