Modern Marketing Tools: Tapping the Power of the 4×6 Postcard

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When you need to get your message out, one of the best ways to do that is by using a 4×6 postcard. It’s larger than a business card, and yet small enough that it can be mailed to prospects. Here’s how to use them effectively.

Use It As Part Of A Two-Step Process

If you use a postcard as part of a two-step sales process, you can get a simple message across to your prospects that outlines the basic benefits of doing business with you without worrying about space limitations on the postcard.

Two-stepping is something a lot of businesses do to introduce people to the company – it’s relatively non-threatening since there’s no “hard sell.”

It’s also relatively simple to put together. You basically just mail a simple postcard to prospects, inviting them to check out your website or company. Of course, you need a headline that will grab their attention. So, for example, if you’re marketing to prospects for your clothing store, you might tell them about some of the new styles hitting big box stores this year and about the fabrics “no one is talking about.”

Send them to your website where you break down all of the fabrics you sell, why you’re different, and then ask them to come in on a particular day for a custom fitting – right on the website.


Use Exploding Postcards

“Exploding postcards” are a way to beef up the message you’re able to send out on a small postcard. They unfold into a larger postcard, and thus support a longer message. Of course, these types of postcards require special printing and folding.

If you just loaded up on Stinky Ink supplies, you may want to pass on this kind of project or just do a run of basic (plain) postcards. You’ll need a mail house operation for the cards that unfold.

Take Advantage of Lower Postage Rates

Postcards aren’t charged the same postage rate as normal letters and other mail packages. Because they’re smaller, they get a preferred rate. This is one of the major reasons why businesses use them. You can mail almost twice as many postcards as letters, reaching a much larger audience and that translates into more prospects and hopefully more sales.

There’s Less Competition

A major benefit of using postcards is that you don’t have nearly the competition that you do with email. Email marketing has really taken off in recent years. And, combined with social media marketing, it’s crowding peoples’ inboxes. The traditional mail service, however, is seeing a major slowdown. Messages like yours are more likely to get through.

Use It For Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing is marketing that utilises multiple avenues for sales. So, for example, your postcard could offer prospects a special offer if they scan a QR code on the postcard itself. This could take them to a special, tracked, landing page where they can purchase the item online and either have it shipped to them or held at the store.

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