How Live Chat Can Help Your Business Succeed

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It’s rare that a great feature for business goes untapped, but Live Chat has managed to do just that. For those who are unfamiliar, Live Chat is a way for your employees to talk directly with customers in real time without having to talk on the phone. Now that we have smartphones and tablets and social media available, chatting in real time has become like second nature. Not only is it easy, but it’s also much preferred.


For this reason, it is important that businesses take full advantage for a few reasons:

5 Reasons Live Chat Works for Businesses

1. It is less expensive to buy live chat software than it is to hire more employees

Chatting live with your customers does come at a small price, but it’s much less expensive than hiring extra employees to manage all of the customer concerns and questions. Employees are generally able to chat with a few different customers at once as opposed to having to sit on the phone with just one customer. This will help you save money in the long run.

2. There is not much competition in the live chat department.

Although the idea of live chat has been out for a long time, many businesses haven’t started utilizing this feature until very recently. If you can begin offering a live chat service, this is going to be very unique to a lot of potential customers.

3. Live chat is much faster than talking on the phone or responding individually to customer concerns.

Thing rings to the same tune of live chat being less expensive than hiring more employees. Everything gets done faster and more efficiently with live chat. Not only will employees be able to talk with more people at once, but there will be a record of everything said. This will help customers on the other end refer back to anything that your employee said that could help them in the future. It’s overall more efficient for both parties.

4. Chatting online is more convenient for customers

Customers typically have questions as they are shopping online. Live chat allows them to ask a question right when it pops into their head as opposed to having to find a number to call and then wait on the line. It’s also more convenient because they can be talking regardless of what is going on in the background. Finally, using live chat is more comfortable for many customers because they feel they can ask anything. They can even send links to the representative to help show them exactly what they are having trouble understanding.

5. You will likely find a higher customer satisfaction rate

Customers hate sitting on the phone and waiting for someone to answer their questions. If you can eliminate this, you have eliminated what customers dread the most about online shopping. Not only will their moods improve, but they’ll be likely to buy more because they can get the answers to their questions. In other words, you could very well see your revenue increase.

The great thing about live chat is the idea that you can try different software options for free before committing to any one product. This will not only help you determine which software works best for your company, but it will give you a chance to try live chatting in the first place.  You can visit the Top Ten Reviews of the different software to help get you started.

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