Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm Came With A Significant Change for Searchers

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There are many people out there who are unaware of the Google’s latest search algorithm and those who have come across this Hummingbird algorithm might not have any idea what this really is and how badly it can affect them.

For example: If you are an owner of any website and you want to get it listed on the Google’s first result page, then you have to get involved in SEO practice. By doing SEO of your website, there are chances that the Google might get attracted towards your website. But there are people who write blogs and make web pages just to get high ranking on the search engines rather than for their readers, which is very wrong.


What is the role of Hummingbird?

Hummingbird Algorithm is just a new approach to SEO. It is a significant change in the Google, which decides how everyone will see the search results.

It says that one must write a unique and appealing content which has answers to certain questions. So you must improve your quality of content and you should also avoid keyword-stuffing because as of now it is so obsolete. Remember that your content must have answers to who, when, where, what, why and how. By this practice you will surely be able to improve your quality.

This algorithm is a major milestone in a semantic search. It has the ability of understanding longer as well as more complex searches. It is the search engine’s heart which provides its users with more relevant search results.

For example:

Query 1: “I want the list of some nice historical places in India”

Query 2: “Historical India”

Essentially, both of the queries are looking for the same information but in two different ways. Thus, with the help of Google’s Hummingbird, recognizing the meaning of the terms or phrases is getting better in the context of a query.

The Google’s Hummingbird update means a lot for content marketers

Long-tail searches does matter

Content marketers should write articles on a more specific topic instead of writing on broader topics. For example: consider writing on topics like “the best exercises to prevent heart diseases”, instead of writing on “what is the best exercise?”.  This approach of creating content will definitely help content marketers to attract high traffic.

Enhance your vocabulary

The amazing thing about Hummingbird is that, to get the desired result there is no need to search your query with a particular word or phrase. Google can substitute a keyword based on its understanding of the query and the searcher’s intent. So you can use variations and synonyms relevant to the article you are writing instead of sticking to same phrases. The overall meaning of content should be your focus instead of stuffing a specific keyword inside the content.

Make a use of structured data

This latest Hummingbird algorithm very well understands what exactly the searchers are looking for. is a structured data that properly communicates specific types of data to the Google. Some of the structured data are formatted for movies, reviews and books to name a few. This update is a great help to create content that is more focused on the intent of the searchers, which may give an edge to your content to outshine your competition.

Impact of Hummingbird on Google search results

In the future, it is certain that Hummingbird will have more changes and implications, which will be unpredictable that how this newest update will play a role in the future for Google. But if you are a smart online marketer then adopt with the following best practices and be prepared for tomorrow.

Offer interesting and unique content to your target audiences and Hummingbird Algorithm will definitely favor you.

If any SEO strategy is developed by you according to Panda and Penguin algorithms, then there is no need to change these current SEO efforts.

Google understands each and every term what you search and provides more weight to the relevant ones i.e. improved conversational search by examining terms within the context of the entire query.

Hummingbird update won’t affect the Ethical SEO practitioners

Actually, the name “Hummingbird” refers to the fast and the precise search method. Google provides the appropriate services to their users by regularly updating its algorithms and by giving them with the best possible search results. But still there are many users in the market who have never noticed the change.

This algorithm’s job is to return the precise information for which users are looking for. Remember SEO is still a huge benefit to the users who all are looking for original or quality content consistently.

How to recover website ranking with Hummingbird update?

As we all know that Google is one of the recognized search engines around the world and obviously it won’t compromise ever on the quality it provides. So always do the ethical SEO Practice and keep yourself updated. Some important points you need to keep in mind are:

1. Enhance your strategy of the content marketing and build your brand to your targeted audiences. Try to post fresh and informative content after every alternate day.

2. You need to get more social by making your profile strong enough, which is very necessary to get natural links. With this approach more people will share your content.

3. You need to say ‘Bye’ to irrelevant niche. Yes, only to irrelevant ones. Because Google loves links, so do not misunderstand that link building doesn’t work after Hummingbird update. If you have already built thousands of unnatural backlinks, then only you need to worry. For this, the solution is a Google Disavow Tool which will help you remove all those unnatural links.

Don’t ever think that keyword analysis is a one time job. Change your keywords which are relevant to your niche as per the marketing strategy changes and use them properly on website descriptions, titles, contents, etc. Must keep in mind that variation of keywords usage is very crucial, so avert from using one keyword umpteen times.


So the takeaway is, don’t be scared of Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm because the search is getting smarter with this update. It also presents the opportunity to create unique and quality content that is more focused on a true intent of the searchers. It is a real transition, where search engine understands the concept behind the words being used and understanding their context better.

Kandarp Bhatt is the operational director of Seoexperts. It offers industry specific packages for SEO and glad to say that other internet marketing strategies like PPC is also another specialization of this agency.      

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