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For a website to thrive, it should be on the trend. There are lots of things to consider in the journey of any website, but the most critical factor is SEO. Today’s search engines are so advanced that it can crawl through your websites to determine whether it’s up to the trend. This is where SEO starts to act. While the writers are playing a critical role in this, some technologies are also important. If you’re seeking an agency to do SEO for you, check whether they have the following technologies enabled. It’s because these are the must-haves of an effective SEO service agency like Let’s know them here…



The dramatic growth of mobiles during the recent times is evident and the users are seen performing the searches on mobiles than PCs these days. With the continuous growth in this area, the websites’ contents should be optimized for mobiles. Those which aren’t friendly to the mobiles are being ranked low by the search engines thereby, making you lose out the competition. So, what’s to be done to make it mobile-friendly? It shouldn’t have Flash and layouts should fit the mobiles. The texts could be read with the pages being thumb-friendly. Each page of the website will be checked as separate entities. To go another step in this, the website should be made mobile responsive too.


With lots of hacking issues around the globe, we’re now on our way towards the world where hacking is impossible. Yes, with HTTPS, which is a top-security protocol, hacking can be prevented. Previously, this was being used only by the financial/payment portals. But, not only should the sensitive sites use it, but also the regular ones. The SSL in this protocol will encrypt the data during input and output. Also, your data will be transferred to/from a secured server. Thus, it’s sure to protect your visitors from the hackers and thus, their sensitive information will be saved.

AMP and Instant Articles:

As Google and other tech giants dreamed, the instant articles have become possible now. The AMP, which is the open source HTML, is tailored for faster loads. So, what would it do for websites? If you’re putting the AMP codes on the webpage, it would deliver the results instantly. About the social media side, Facebook has their own technology to do this. Whenever contents are uploaded to its publishing tool, the contents will be harbored on the platform and loaded instantly. These tools are geared toward the mobiles. For achieving the goal of quicker loads, there are lots of tools to create a floor between website and AMP. This project has been released as an open source platform so as to provide a pleasing experience for the users. Besides text, these codes work well with images, GIFs, and even videos. There is also an option to cache with AMP and there is a WP plugin available too.

So, if you wish to stay abreast in the technological world, these technologies should be on your must-have list.

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