Going Worldwide: Tools to Spread Your Business Globally

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The idea of a local business is becoming a thing of the past. Being able to log onto any social media platform or e-commerce site gives you the chance to talk to people and purchase items anywhere in the world.

And being able to be contacted no matter where you are is essential to reaching as many customers as possible. You want your business to grow, and this will only happen if you can build a reputation of trust and consistent availability. Without this, you will struggle to reach a broader market and further expansion.


As much as it is easier to send an email and wait for a response, a phone call will get you even further. People don’t like to sit on hold forever, and this is one of the reasons that put them off phoning your business directly for any reason.

But, just because we are relying more on the internet nowadays doesn’t mean you do not need a working phone. Your business will need a telephone number for tax purposes but also to give customers more than one option if they want to get in contact. Working with a service that can provide these numbers anywhere, such as Planet Numbers, will allow your company to ensure that any customer issues can be dealt with by merely picking up the phone.


Business and social media may have once been seen as something that was disallowed in an office. You can’t be browsing Facebook when you are supposed to be doing your work, after all. But, company’s have realised the importance of strong social media presence and are using it to their advantage to be more engaged with customers and potential customers than ever.

Maintaining an active social media account across the board will allow you to build your brand and interact with customers who have praise or criticism and want to speak to you directly. This is an evolution of the customer service procedures of the past, and now businesses are almost forced to respond to any messages that come their way.


While you may have found success in your home country, the markets in other countries may be vastly different. Because of this, you can’t rely on the same tactics that have brought you success locally.

Undertaking research into the international markets where your business will have the most success is vital towards reaching this goal. From here, you can identify what works and what doesn’t by looking at marketing campaigns of the past and seeing what was successful. This will help you avoid any mistakes or misunderstandings and give you a strong launch into the foreign markets you want to conquer.


Not everyone wishes to take their business worldwide, but not exploring ways in which this will become a reality will mean that your business is missing out on its potential to spread as far and wide as possible. Being available, building a strong reputation, and knowing your market is crucial to achieving whatever global expansion plans you might have.

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