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All entrepreneurs need not only to be great business men and women but also superb social chemists. They need to keep a close eye on the social chemistry of their office, ensuring that not only are employees on-task, motivated and working harmoniously with one another but that the office space is conducive to good working relations. It’s all too easy for the office space to become toxic with employees becoming listless or arguing among one another, particularly if conditions become cramped and workplace cabin fever sets in. No matter how modernized and well air conditioned your office may be, it can be frustrating when the atmosphere begins to stagnate.


Many entrepreneurs might feel that this is a signifier that it’s time to change office, and while you can find affordable movers by clicking on but this may be a case of throwing a whole lot of baby out with just a little bathwater. Before going nuclear on this option, you can shake things up in these areas to help to reduce the risk off stagnation in the office…

Mix up the routine

People are psychologically predisposed to coasting as soon as we’ve settled into a routine. Doing the exact same tasks at the exact same time day after day is a potent recipe for listless and lethargic employees. While the nature of your business may necessitate scheduled activities at set times, the savvy employer knows the value of shaking things up every now and then. Alternating times and days when specific activities such as meetings are held is more likely to keep people alert and on their toes.

Encourage breaks

Entrepreneurs work crazy long hours, and they do so with a big ol’ smile on their face because they’re dedicated to the mission that is their business. Employees are dedicated too, but they’ll never have the same degree of emotional investment. Thus, they can easily become resentful of long hours without any sort of intermissions. Encourage employees to take regular breaks and try to dedicate some space to the development of a tech-free relaxation area in which employees can take a break from the demands of the business and the total connectivity of the digital world. You’d be astonished what a little time to centre your thoughts can do for reducing stress and improving productivity.

Encourage healthy eating and good hydration

You’d be astonished how many employers refuse to allow their employees time away from their desks to grab a drink of water, then wonder why their employees get sluggish and unfocused. Adequate hydration and nutrition are essential for cognitive function so ensure that any vending machines are well stocked with healthy foods to encourage brain health. Starving your employees for several hours then deigning to give them a few minutes away from their desks to partake of sugary processed convenience foods will encourage nothing but crashing energy levels towards the end of the day.

Eschew hierarchy

Don’t be one of those bosses that closets themselves away in their own office while the rest of your employees work in a shared space. Working alongside your employees in the same open space is a great way to ensure harmonious workplace relations and help to keep everyone on point and motivated.

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