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Modernising Your Business Premises

modern office
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The way your office premises look is a reflection of the way you run your business. If the office looks shabby, dirty, unstructured, and generally messy, it is not a far cry to find your business operations at a shamble as well.

Running a business includes ensuring that the office environment is conducive to effective and efficient operations. Employees work better when there is order inside the office. They are less likely to tardy or mess up their jobs if they see order in every aspect of the business operation, including their office premises. Here are some ways you can modernize your office space:

modern office


Modernizing the office space can be done in a number of ways. Owners can add extensions, rearrange office boundaries, or add structure elements such as windows, doorways, and other openings. Opening up new windows or adding a sunroof will instantly brighten up the interiors of the office. Concrete flooring may be updated by changing the vinyl or installing tiles.

Rearranging the layout of the office can give more space to departments with more personnel, and more privacy for departments handling confidential files. Additional doorways may allow better flow in the office environment.

Interior Design

More and more businesses pride themselves by the way their offices look inside. Google’s NYC office incorporate the city life into its design elements in the form of a conference room mimicking a typical NYC apartment, red fire hydrants installed along hallways, with walls bearing the images what a typical NYC city block looks like.

Business owners can update and modernize their office space by adding design elements that are reminiscent of their location or related to the business history. It can be as simple as updating the wallpaper or changing the design in the lobby, or changing the color theme of the interiors.


Office furniture can be quite boring, all the more if it was all bought pre-made and pre-assembled. This includes desks, cabinets, office chairs, and tables. If they came from one location, they are probably sporting the same wood color or grade, same shade and hue, and similar form factors.

To update and modernize the look of existing office furniture, apply overlays on doors, shelves, and desks for that added zest. Install colorful contact paper on cabinet faces or use colored panels for shelves. Add new legs to wobbly furniture, or update old ones by applying a fresh layer of paint. Change the doorknobs, handles, and other knobs inside the office. The trick to modernizing a space is to follow a color theme or a design theme. Decide on an overall theme and apply that. If the design elements don’t complement each other, it will be all the more confusing and haphazard.


Update computer systems by adding storage space or memory to improve efficiency. If your employees are still using CRT monitors, upgrade into LCD monitors; they are more cost efficient anyway.

Make sure printers, photocopiers, fax machines, and other office equipment are functioning well to ensure efficiency. If the equipment is malfunctioning to the point that it is affecting the ease and speed that the work is being accomplished, update it or change it. Make sure programs installed are updated regularly. Install the most up-to-date office technology and productivity applications on the office computers to boost their performance.

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