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If you want to make copies of your DVDs, whether they’re movies or music or something else entirely, such as computer programs or photograph collections, you can either do it yourself or have a professional copying service do the job.

You might want to copy your DVDs so that you have backup copies, especially if they’re expensive films or precious family photographs or video, so in case they’re stolen or damaged by fire, you have copies elsewhere. It gives peace of mind in knowing you won’t have lost everything in the event of a calamity.


Businesses often want to copy DVDs of events that they might want to hand out to clients as promotional materials, or for such things as in-house training. If this is your aim, it’s best to consider one of the many multimedia companies that perform such services quickly and relatively cheaply.

They can also make up designs for the DVD label as well as providing cases that also come with artwork and any inserts that may be required. When you need dozens, hundreds or perhaps even thousands of copies of your original DVD, a professional DVD copying service can do the job well and with fast turnaround times of just a day or two for most large orders.

Professional services will take your master disk and burn it to a hard disc. From there, the data will be “burned” onto as many discs as the order calls for, using a laser.

If, however, you wish to copy one or more DVDs for personal or home use, you can do it using widely available software. The software can either be purchased at a computer shop or downloaded from the internet, where it may be free or there may be a charge.

The process of copying the DVD is pretty much the same: “rip” the DVD to your computer’s hard drive, which just means copying it to there, and then the software puts it on blank DVDs using the laser in the drive.

With DVD copying, you need to ensure that the software you’re using to carry out the task is of a good standard. Otherwise, you might risk losing quality during the copying process and end up with a DVD of a movie or video that has lost a lot of its definition.

You will also need to be aware that it’s not always possible to copy DVDs. This can especially be the case with films. In order to prevent copyright theft, the DVD may contain software protections that prevent them from being ripped, or copied, to a computer hard drive. It might also be illegal to copy such DVDs, so read any warning material on the case beforehand.

There are various software programs that “clone” professional DVDs and are able to bypass copyright protections but, again, you need to be clear what you’re doing, that you’re entitled to copy the DVD and you’re not breaking the law.

Copying DVDs is a simple and easy process, when done right.

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