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In the current economic climate, many people are veering towards creating their own jobs by setting up an online business. This has proven very lucrative for some people as the online world can provide many money making opportunities. One way to make money is by writing books and selling them online. Here are some tips to help you get started.

ebook book

Pick a Niche

First, you need to decide what kind of books you want to write. You could try writing fiction or a compilation of short stories. Fiction is difficult to sell so have a look at the top ten online books to see what people want. Most online novel readers like to read short entertainment books such as chick lit or thrillers. If it is an informative eBook you want to sell, then you will have to understand that people buy these books in order to solve a problem they might be having or might come across. This means that you will have to be an expert in your niche (e.g. marketing) in order to establish credibility.

Get published

People want to know that you are a ‘real’ author and not just a charlatan selling them a book filled with basic information they already know. It may not be easy, but trying to have a book published and sold in bookstores will establish public trust in your writing. Send your book out to publishers or even try to self-publish as this will show people that you are a real expert in your niche.

Becoming an Expert

Becoming an expert opens many doors both within an industry, in the wider world, will increase your digital and real life presence, along with your sales. You can do this by offering to talk for free,(until you get paid to do so), joining associations and memberships, or possibly getting qualified in a related area.

Sell yourself

Set up a blog and a website to make your business more reputable. The website can serve as a selling point for your books and the blog can sell your writing skills. If you provide readers with regular tips on your niche or update your blog with relevant information then people will keep coming back. In order to sell books you will have to establish a relationship with your readers. Encourage readers of your blog to subscribe and then send them a regular newsletter telling them about your latest book.

Guest Post

It is also a good idea to contact other bloggers who write about the things you write about in your blog and your books. You may be able to guest post which will widen your network of readers and bring them to your website where you sell books. Always respond to commenters in a positive way.

Social Networks

These are a great way of creating a wider network of contacts. Interact with people on Twitter and Facebook and try to add people who may want to buy your book. For example, if you write a book on sales, interact with people in the marketing and advertising business. Interact with others who are starting a business in your niche too as they are likely to need the information you are selling.

Selling books is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online as there are very few start-up costs. Ensure that you get someone else to proofread your finished book and spend a little money on getting an expert to design an appealing cover. Selling takes time but it is worth the effort in the end!

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