Does Your Website Scare Away Or Bore The Visitors?

booring website
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Looking at the prime importance of the website in the online business world, it is mandatory to check if your website isn’t consisting of elements that scare away visitors or annoy them. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, you can’t afford to lose your potential customers provided you want to survive in the industry. If you want to exactly locate these elements in your existing website or if you are on verge to create a new website, below is the list of things that people don’t like in the web designs:

booring website

Pop-up Windows

Pop-up advertisements are very irritating and annoying for the visitors. Yes, it’s a fact that the dialog box may get you some email subscribers, but it may also make you lose many potential customers. Instead you should use effective content and striking visuals to convert the visitors into lifelong customers.

Playing Multimedia

What if you are relishing a silent browsing session and all of a sudden a song or video started for which you are not even given the pause or stop button. I have visited a number of websites where multimedia content stars playing the moment you click on the website URL. In most of the cases the user click on the back button of browser as they are not able to find any mute option. It is wise to give users the choice to view your content and offer them a close and mute option too.

Puzzling Animations

I am sure you might have visited hundreds or more websites that force you to enjoy their animations, videos, graphics and advertisements in the first 3 seconds of you click on the page link. Of course it takes a lot of efforts and expertise to create such flash videos, but it diverts users’ minds and in some cases they move to other websites.

General & Typical Images

Yes, It’s a fact that images speak louder than words. And that’s why you go on surfing on the internet, pick some good generic photos and place them on web pages during the website development process. Do you really think that people will believe the images are yours? Showcase images of your real clients, business partners, actual products and infrastructure. If you want to go one step higher, you can integrate some visuals in the web design and let the prospectives know up front about your products or services.

‘Contact Us’ Form Instead of ‘Contact Details’

Many website owners provide ‘contact us’ form in place of ‘contact details’ considering it as the most feasible way of building links. However, it is awfully generic and doesn’t show if the visitor is keen on receiving further interaction from your side. It may be possible that the visitors are seeking one-time assistance for any query. There is nothing wrong in offering a ‘contact us’ form on your website, but that shouldn’t be the only way of communication offered from your end.

Incomprehensible ‘About Us’

Is your ‘About Us’ page capable of offering all-inclusive information of your business or it is based on the general terminologies used in the market? The visitors of your website should be able to know what you are offering, to whom you are offering and to which regions or countries you’re offering your products or services. The ‘About Page’ is  a place where you can brief the history and glory of your company.

 SEO Optimized Content

There is a significant difference between the search engine optimized content and over-optimized content.  Don’t just write for the spiders, jot down for the readers.

Lack of Social Media Buttons

If you are focusing on effective and interesting content, you might be having some content that users will definitely like to share in their social media networks. But what if you haven’t provided social media buttons on your office blog page?

Absence of Blog Page

Having a blog page is a must for website owners today. Absence of blogs page can be a negative point for your online business. Moreover, if you don’t have a blog page, there is no question of placing social media buttons with the content.

Bizarre Titles and Content

If you are a keen content developer, you are well-versed with the significance of a catchy and meaningful title. Great titles or content can drag the users to the subscription and RSS options. On the other hand, inexplicable content can scare away visitors.

Daniel is a digital marketing strategist associated with VITEB, a known Web Design Outsourcing Company in India that offers web design, website development and mobile application development services. He likes to share his knowledge and experience through blogging. Follow him on Facebook @VITEB.

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