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videos seo
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It’s a waste of precious marketing budgets when your online videos are not attracting the desired number of visitors. Tweaking your SEO strategy with specific optimization to suit videos will help get the traffic moving and your videos noticed. Here are some ways to go about it.

videos seo

Some companies are active on the social marketing front and have some great videos to showcase online, However, the absence of video-specific optimization tools prevent them from deriving the maximum benefits of their online videos. This is almost unfair, considering investments that go into the making of a video. Give your videos the maximum mileage possible through improved search engine rankings. Read through some useful suggestions below to overcome these hurdle and rev up the traffic to your online videos.

Ensure wide spread presence

  Host your videos on your own as well other websites. Hosting on your own site will help you maximize the value of your own site and is the ideal choice when trying to effect a sale.  Likewise, the additional exposure received when hosting videos on other sites is more suited for increasing awareness of your brand. Adopting both approaches will maximize your reach and coverage.

Short, sweet, relevant

The average interest span on your online visitor is 2-3 minutes; at max – 5 minutes. Prioritize your key messages and do not stretch your video beyond this point. Simultaneously identify the needs of your online visitor.  Customize your video to serve those purposes.

Essentials for video optimizing

 A good transcript (optimized and reader-friendly) and good title tags will help make your video search engine-friendly. Without the transcript, there’s isn’t sufficient clue for the search engine to know what your video contains. Cut ice with your customers by writing a short comment or two on the video contents. Choosing the right title for your video, such that it includes the main keywords is equally essential. Remember, if the first impression is the last impression, then it had better be the best impression.

Make different video combinations

  Simplify the whole process for the end user i.e. your online visitor, by making a number of different combinations of videos.  This flexibility will help successfully balance the video elements. It also offers you the ability to highlight different benefits and trigger specific responses amongst your target audience.

Keep search engines informed

 Make the most of your online videos by submitting an XML sitemap. Because irrespective where you host it, only when a search engine is informed, will it know that you exist.

Video SEO can be very complex but should be made an integral part of your SEO strategy. Planning on it should begin side-by-side and not be an optional ‘to-do’. Combined with video content that actually clicks with your target users, this approach will set you out from the rest. Knowing that your money is well spent can be very motivating. In a nutshell – good enough reasons to use the pointers above to fine-tune your online video strategy.

Kaushal Gandhi is Director at Aaris Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Aaris is SEO company in India. Kaushal has conceptualized SEO Traingulation Method to get desired ranking. In addition, he is also a passionate blogger and writes on diverse topics such as Search Engine Optimization, PPC Management and Social Media.

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