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How Twitter Can Improve Your Search Engine Ranking Position

twitter and seo
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Whenever any person creates a new website or develops a blog, they think that very soon their page will be at the preliminary position when it comes to search engine. They keep hitting keywords to in Google’s search hoping that one day their site will appear on the principal page with maximum popularity quotient. The question is how many people succeed in doing that?

There are so many search engine optimization techniques available to improve the page ranking that people get confused and dazed when it comes to following these SEO tactics. The basic thing that you should know about search engine optimization is that backlinking, and keywords play a very pivotal role in deciding your page rank, although the Google algorithm is a mystery so far because they haven’t revealed what exactly affects your page rank. Twitter has been a very successful social media platform which acts as an extremely useful marketing tool used by anyone and everyone for their business promotion and marketing. Twitter followers can actually help you in an indirect way to improve your page ranking.

twitter and seo

To support this theory of twitter being a SEO tool many experimentation have been done to prove twitter as an effective medium for improving page rank and as we all are aware that Google respects those websites which are highly reputed so if twitter followers are mentioning your site URL on twitter it will be surely recognized by Search engines. Recently, one much reputed UK Search Engine Optimization agency has claimed that twitter can help you to get a better search engine ranking, and they claim that they have achieved success by following this technique from quite a long time.

There is a site which is called, which is a subordinate branch of the twitter it just calls people to sign a petition which is called twitition and hence one tweet is sent automatically from their twitter profile to that site. Interesting thing to note here is that nothing substantial happens until the tweets do not cross 500, but as soon as it crosses tweets more than 7500 the petition can be viewed at the fifth position on the Google search engine page. People say that it’s not applicable to all the petitions, and every time it’s done, but it was great news for twitter followers.

From musicians to politicians, everyone is using this website and twitter followers are reaping extraordinary benefits from this as they are getting noticed by innumerous audience who will likely open their websites and blogs which they tweet.

Following are some ways that can effectively help you to improve your page ranking:

Follow back technique

Twitter Follow Back technique
This technique is not only used by twitter followers but also by active bloggers who have this silent protocol saying, “I will follow, and then you have to follow me back.” Surprisingly, this technique works like a magic wand. So in twitter you follow some people may be celebrities won’t follow you back, but some people will positively pursue you back as a result if they connect with you in some way like a business or hobbies, they will certainly visit your website or blog when you tweet. This has proven to be the most common method to improve page ranking used by twitter followers.


It’s informally called ‘ favor for a favor’ because when you like something, and you retweet it like if you like one of your colleague friend’s tweet, and you did a retweet and shared it with all your twitter followers more likely this cycle goes on, and that person might retweet in the future on your tweet and increasing the popularity. As the above study indicates that when your site URL is mentioned more frequently by people through tweets that will subsequently result in better page ranking.

Twitter Hashtags

twitter hashtags
You will be amazed to know the amount of bot activity, which is going on twitter that might help you to increase your page rank and help you to get indexed in search engine page. You must be aware of the Twitter hash tag if not, then in simple words these are tags, which can be used while posting a new tweet which acts as a normal tag and makes your tweet visible in the criteria of the hash tags used for it. Usage of hash tags increases the visibility of the tweets among targeted twitter followers who will most likely visit your blogs and websites because of the connection.

Share and improve

Twitter  Share and improve
This is a must have if twitter followers want to increase the page rank of their websites or blogs. You must add a sidebar for sharing the article or blog post by twitter so people who will visit your page will share the article with their followers over the twitter, and hence your page link will circulate more resulting into more considerable tweets. Sharing is proven to be more effective in improving page rank and twitter followers are using share options to enhance their page position.

This guest post is by Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar. He is a twitter addict. He likes to buy twitter followers to stronghold his twitter presence.

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