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Offline Marketing for your Online Business

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Once upon a time, before the dawn of online marketing and search engines, businesses thrived by leveraging tenets of marketing and advertising.  While segmenting marketing enterprises and taking advantage of online potential benefits businesses, it would be a terrible mistake to forego traditional endeavors.

The technology and resources aligned with online enterprise enables businesses to rely on digital platforms in entirety.  However, the ability to do such should not dismiss the aid of traditional measures of advertising.



Paper flyers have helped businesses spread awareness since the invention of the printing press.  The level of effectiveness never waned; rather, businesses were granted more alternatives.  However, well-timed and placed paper flyers can drive interest to a sale or web site, raising peoples’ awareness of brands.


Professionals could address a room of hundreds at an industry tradeshow or a limited number of interested parties at a local library after hours.  Size doesn’t matter as much as targeting prospects.  Use online resources to spread word about offline presentations taking place in libraries, public facilities, and restaurants.  Initial information can be free in exchange for the hopes of greater listener interest.

Ebook to Print

One of the ‘wow’ moments in printing was the ability not to print.  Being en vogue in the business world, a number of businesses orchestrated white papers and online-based books.  But aligning the information with visual stimuli provided by an experienced print designer could produce a tangible and equally-sought brand resource.  Consider reversing the trend, creating visually stimulating physical books.


Billboards are one of the most traditional means of business advertising, recently fallen out of discussion, yet still effective.  Research potential availability and location; a colorful and vivid billboard timed to coincide with an online web sale or new item/service could be very effective in ushering immediate sales and widespread awareness.  Offline ad brokers, hurting in sales due to online competition and ad vehicles, may offer a very reasonable price for offline billboard ads.


Sales is a difficult process.  As department members and sole owners know, potential does not nearly equal the number of those who finally convert, becoming customers.  A period of ‘window shopping,’ or the askance of estimates occurs.  Those teetering with making a purchase need further proof of their future satisfaction.  Resources like let you download videos you previously uploaded to YouTube.  Businesses with videos can send private mailers to interested parties, showing currently available or tailor made videos, intriguing further interest.

Sidewalk Sale

Brick and mortar owners may enjoy the experience of a ‘flash mob,’ influxes in store population due to online arrangement and advocacy.  Offline storeowners benefit forming relations with online reporters and bloggers.  Combining altruism with fueled consumerism, online groups or personalities herald the interest and participation of local peoples who randomly visit nearby vendors, creating a ‘flash mob,’ in the attempt to increase local commerce.

Online opportunity has not taken the place of traditional ad sentiments; the former offers additional options for businesses to thrive.  Use offline and online means to booster interest and revenue, not dismissing the synergy of the two methods.

When using downloads, make sure to remember to respect IP.

Paul Moss is a small business coach. He loves writing about new ways to help small business stuck in the pre-digital age on startup blogs.

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