New Promotion? Everything You Need To Know About Being The Boss

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You have just had a promotion at work. Congratulations! Now here comes the scary part. You are in charge of the team you were once part of. You are responsible to achieve the targets, make the goals into a reality. You may even be the person responsible for making sure your team hit’s a bonus or earns a commission. Sure, you may have been given a pay rise, but now’s the time to think about how you work. Now that you are the boss, so to speak, it’s time to consider some things you won’t have had to think about before. It’s possible however to run a team and still manage the team members appropriately. Here’s what to consider now you are in charge of a team.

Think of your team’s well-being.

Being in charge means having certain responsibilities when it comes to your team. It isn’t just them personally but also the work environment in which you all work. It may not be obvious, but making sure the workplace is a safe place to work will become on of your priorities. Along with the workplace, you will have to take into consideration your team. Sick days and analysing when additional help and support is needed are all things you will need to handle now you are in charge. So having a health and safety policy procedure and action plan by Peninsula Group in place could be all you need to help take some of the worries away.

Motivate, Motivate, Motivate.

A well-motivated team will always provide results. If they are pumped up to the job, then they will succeed. This is especially important if you have a sales team. A person is more likely to achieve their targets if they feel motivated to do the job. It may feel like a tall order, but keeping your team happy and motivated is now one of your responsibilities. It could be as simple as holding a morning meeting to get everyone revved up for the day. It could also mean regular one on one meetings and appraisals so your team feel valued. This is also a great way for you to keep track of your team’s performance, so you will be able to analyse where improvements need to take place. Or where additional help and support is needed.

Try not to let the new job cause you additional stress.

With all this additional responsibility you now have, it’s easy to let this cause you stress at home. It’s important to try and leave your work at the door and still find a good balance with your home life. Stress can seep in and cause problems in your personal life so try and not let it get to you. You could regularly do things that relax you after a hard day’s work. This could be a relaxing bath in an evening or reading before going to bed. Whatever it is that works for you make sure you incorporate it into your new routine.

Add an element of fun.

Finally, add an element of fun to your working day. It can be long and hard work doing the same thing each day so try and add a few light-hearted moments. This could be a fun quiz at the end of a meeting, or enjoy some lighthearted “banter” with the team. Don’t forget, though; you are now the boss. So make sure you don’t cross any fine lines.

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