How to move Windows 8.1 from HDD to new SSD?

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So you just bought a brand new solid state drive to replace your ageing hard disk drive. But do you find it hard to clone hard drive to ssd? What about to clone windows 8.1 to ssd? What if there’s a solution that would take only minutes instead of hours? What if it is very user-friendly and anybody can use it?

EaseUS Todo Backup Home is a very reliable data backup and system disaster recovery software for all home users. All it takes is just one click to back up your existing system and to restore it to the previous original state that works when disaster happens. It saves precious time by being able to perform comprehensive full, differential and incremental backup.


We all feel the need to upgrade our PC at home and one of the fastest and cheapest upgrade that can totally speed up your PC is by purchasing a new ssd. The tremendous amount of speed is translated by the fast loading time and it would now take mere seconds to boot up to your main desktop screen instead of average of 30 seconds to 1 minute previously. That’s how fast your ssd can change your life.


So if you had just purchased a new ssd, you know that you have to install windows on it and we all know how long it would take to finish installing windows on a new drive. But if you have an existing running system coupled with EaseUS Todo Backup Home, it takes care of all your migration and cloning needs. It is now fast, easy and safe to clone hard drive to ssd or if you have the latest operating system, you can easily clone windows 8.1 to ssd.


Imagine you can now have your new ssd up and running in just minutes compared to if you had to install a new windows on the blank ssd. Say goodbye to messy and lengthy installation as you can enjoy your blazing fast speed in the shortest time possible.

But don’t forget that the software is not only for you to clone hard drive to ssd or to clone windows 8.1 to ssd. A lot of other functions are available for example with System Backup, it provides full system protection to backup and recover your entire OS should anything bad happens. For File Backup, you can choose the specific files, folders or file types. With Incremental and Differential backup, it only back up changes that was done since the previous backup thus saving time and storage space.


With System Restore, if your system crashes, you are able to recover the entire OS within minutes. Using Flexible Disk Restore, you can easily restore only the files, folders or volumes that you want. Or if your system won’t boot, you can select to launch EaseUS Todo Backup Home in the boot menu and proceed to recover your system.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home is yours for only $29 for a single PC license. It is backed by 30-days money back guarantee so you will be able gauge the software first. Finally, there’s also a 15-days free trial available for you to give a try. It is a very affordable and effective software that will help you with all your clone hard drive to ssd and clone windows 8.1 to ssd needs.

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