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Many companies have taken on the task of maintaining a blog through their main website. This can act as a way to reach customers on a more intimate level, in a time when blogging has become as common as Facebook-ing. Though this is a casual forum to talk about business related sentiments, it should be noted that you should not treat it casually. Having a blog attached to your website means that it represents the company, and should be maintained as so.


Liven Up the Layout

The first three things your reader notices when they visit your blog is the color

scheme, layout and ease of reading. To keep your reader on the page long enough to dive into a post, you need to get their attention. By that, I don’t mean using bright colors or flashy backgrounds. You want to choose something that is going to fit the style of your company and what you envision it to look like.

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  • Choose the right format. How many columns do you want? The most common is a two or three column set up, with the right most column dedicated to widgets, etc. This will determine where your posts go, how they are organized and will set up the organization of your whole blog.
  • If you are looking to have more than a single column of blog posts you can add in pages. These extra pieces will give the reader more to interact with, which will keep them on your page longer. Find a layout that will present pages in a way that is easy to use but still interesting and unique.
  • You should choose a color scheme and design in accordance with your branding. If you normally interact with a more natural color scheme, then continue to do so. Keeping it all similar will give your blog a common thread with the rest of the business. You want the blog to tie back to your actual business.

Make the Most of Every Post

You may not feel like you have time to put together an extensive post very frequently. Still, you can make a short one count just as well with a few simple tricks.

  • Start with a great opener. A bold question, strong statement or important quote will make them feel involved, regardless of how long the post is.
  • Do your best writing. Make an effort to show as you write, and make it interesting. People reading your blog are most likely looking for something a little less stiff, so take advantage of that. Step away from the business world lingo and let yourself be creative.
  • Present an action for your reader. Even something as miniscule as, “Check out last week’s post for…” This will still compel the reader to act.
  • Keep it current. New content will keep readers engaged and interested.

Be Personable but Not Personal

You want your readers to feel like they are getting a closer look into the company, but you shouldn’t be inserting personal information about yourself or the business. This can get tricky when trying to include personal circumstances to reiterate stories, but you must be wary.

  • Allow yourself to discuss information about the business, even giving exclusive information. Don’t give away too much information, though. You want to provide just enough to keep them coming back for more.
  • Don’t talk about your family. Talk about the company, and maybe even vaguely mention your immediate family, but don’t get into details. This can cause judgment or a divide between you and readers that you don’t want. They connect with you on a business level, and it should stay that way.

Keeping a company blog is a fantastic way to reach customers on a new level. Throwing out the business jargon and numbers, and relating in a more casual setting can be good for the business. But, if you’re going to do it, you should do it right.

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