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How to Find the Right Web Designer for 2012

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The New Year often means new hires. One of the most difficult things for any company owner is having to hire for a position outside of their expertise. For example, if your background is in finance, it may be difficult to ask someone good, quality questions about a marketing position. Although business owners should know the basics (and then some) of every position, there are complicated matters that require the knowledge of an expert. If you do not have an expert on your side, hiring can be extremely difficult.

web design

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Web design is going through many changes as the New Year approaches. While businesses once utilized flash, 2012 will bring CSS3 and HTML. Web designers will also need to know how to prepare for what businesses are calling the “mobile takeover,” be prepared to create 3D images, and utilize different typography.  This makes hiring a web designer or web design company crucial for a startup or well-established business.

If you need to hire a web designer or a web design company for 2012 but don’t know what to look for, don’t sweat it. Consider these five tips to help make sure you get the web designer that’s right for you:

5 Tips to Hiring the Right Web Designer in 2012

1. Ask to see a portfolio of work.

Many business owners forget to ask for a portfolio or the individual designer if working with a  web design company. A web design company likely has several designers, so if you ask them for a portfolio they can give you the work of anyone in their staff. Make sure you ask to meet who you will specifically be working with. Once you have the portfolio of your design, look for originality and versatility.

2. Ask about the latest trends in web design.

A good web designer will understand all web design trends. You want your website to be up to date while still staying original, so ask the designer how they plan to incorporate the trends of 2012. The most important thing: They should have an understanding about mobile website optimization.

3. Make sure to discuss the price and hidden costs.

It may sound obvious, but many owners ask for one flat rate when talking with web designers. The truth is, the price of a specific design completely depends on the design. For this reason, it is extremely important to have an idea about what you want out of a webpage and subsequently what you want out of a designer. Do not assume that you will be charged a flat fee. If the design takes longer than expected or is more complicated that expected, they may charge extra. Be sure to discuss these costs before making the hire.

4. Be sure to ask how long each project will take.

Some companies do not have the availability to get to your website right away. This is a red flag that you should be going with a different company. A standard webpage should take about one week, but a more involved webpage should take about one month. Be sure to settle on the amount of time expected for the jobs you’ll be needing so you do not get stuck waiting.

5. Ask about the experience.

Videos and info-graphics are more complicated than traditional web design, so it’s important that your web designer has the experience to complete complicated projects.

Even if you are a little bit unsure about the specifics of web design, you will be able to tell if a web designer has the know-how to create great work. As long as you follow a few of the tips above, you’ll ensure that you’re hearing about the most important aspects of a web designer.

Carol Grady is a writer and marketer for Calvin Klein Underwear retailer, Chonies. She also writes for various blogs and marketing communities giving startup companies financial advice.

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