Four Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated

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It’s often been said that if you want to keep an employee motivated, you need to keep them happy. Yet, according to a study by Dale Carnegie Training, only around 23% of the United States workforce are engaged in their jobs, and this is especially true of those working in low level jobs. So what can you do? In this article we’ll take a look at four of the best ways to keep your employees motivated, which will not only make them happy but it will also improve your bottom line.


1. Show Appreciation

In today’s digital world, it can be easy to simply converse via text message and email. However, there is something really personal about showing appreciation in person. If a staff member has carried a lot of weight over the week, or if your team has helped you to achieve a new client, make sure to thank them personally. It’s also a good idea to check in with your team regularly to see how they are doing – by showing them that you care, you will increase their willingness to work hard for you.

2. Make Safety a Priority

No staff member wants to work in a hazardous environment, so you need to do as much as you can to ensure their safety at all times. Whether this means supplying ramps for loading docks in a warehouse, going through lifting procedures, or even supplying them with ergonomic office equipment, you need to think about the health and safety of your staff. Not only will focusing on safety show your staff that you care, it will also help you save money on sick days caused by injury.

3. Offer Benefits

If you take a look at all of the biggest companies in our country, you’ll see that they all offer good benefits packages to their workers. Companies like AirBnB, Facebook, Google, and Zynga offer a range of benefits like subsidized housing, legal advice, travel compensation, and even free haircuts. Whilst no small company will be able to offer all of these, you should at least be able to provide your employees with health insurance, a place to park, and a good vacation policy. You may also want to provide lunch for your staff at least once each week.

4. Encourage Fun

Finally, no-one wants to work in a stark, cold office space where talking is forbidden, and you are expected to work from the second you check in in the morning to the second you leave at night. Instead, allow your employees to brighten up their workspaces with memories of home, and encourage your staff members to talk amongst each other. You may want to install a TV and games console that can be utilized on lunch breaks, or take your staff members out on fun events from time to time. If your workplace is seen as a fun place to be, your staff will enjoy working there and be motivated to give 100% each and every day.

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