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It isn’t always easy deciding exactly what you want to do as a career for the rest of your life. Unless you are blessed with just having an interest, a hobby or a particular passion for something it can be quite a hard thing to decide and not everyone makes the right choice. The truth is, it’s always a good idea to look at your current skillset and personality and to try and match a career from there. There are plenty of options to suit some of the most common skills many of us have, and I thought I would share with you just five of them.



Strong communication skills

Having strong communication skills can work wonders in many different careers, and one in particular is a career in manufacturing. Discussing and troubleshooting problems, thinking outside of the box when it comes to lean production and just generally being able to communicate regarding the day to day running of the job. Other career options where strong communication skills work well is a job in retail, in law and also in customer service, whether that is over the phone or in a face to face environment.

A head for numbers

Not all of us have a skill where we are particularly good with numbers, it tends to be numbers or words, but a skill with numbers opens up a lot of doors when it comes to career options. The first one would be a career in accounting. Where you tend to work with figures for companies projections of profit, etc. Other aspects would be a career in economics, in banking or even investments.

Skills in the written word

Having a flare for the written word could mean that you have a potential career as a writer. That could be freelance i the digital sphere in blogging or copywriting. It might be that you train to be a journalist and end up writing for some of the most esteemed papers and magazines in the country you live. It could mean that you even end up writing your own book. How amazing would that be?

A creative and artistic flare

Maybe you have a real gift when it comes to drawing, or have a great flare for being creative. That might mean that a career in advertising or drawing could be waiting for you. Maybe you might become a famous illustrator working on cartoons or films. It might be that you end up working for a digital agency where you design and create logos and branding for small businesses.

Determination and passion

Finally, if you possess determination and passion then you really do have some great options for a career ahead of you. One in particular would be to work for yourself and to create your own business by becoming an entrepreneur. You could also consider a career in some form of sales environment, many companies require strong leaders in this area to push their businesses forward.

I hope that this has given you some food for thought when it comes to possible career directions.

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