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Deals, Deals And More Deals From InkyDeals

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InkyDeals is your online resource where you can get high quality design products at a very discounted price and some even for free. They are headquartered in a small studio in Bucharest, Romania and they created the website to share unique deals for designers every day.

Here I want to focus your attention on a freebie product being given away on their site. Though it is one bundle but it contains 471 products within it. These 471 premium design resources for free can be downloaded by entering your e-mail ID, and you will receive the download link.

Some of the products being given away in this bundle are discussed below.

Getting Started with HTML and CSS course from SitePoint’s Learnable


If you are related to websites of any kind then you need to have at least a working knowledge of HTML and CSS. These are the most basic level markup languages that you need to instruct the browser.

Though some website builder tools proclaim that you can work your way through the website creation process without the requirement of these languages but I think those claims are overrated. No matter which site builder tool you use you will need to have some knowledge of HTML and CSS as you will need that.

This course from SitePoint will serve as a good introduction to these languages.

Pixel perfect social media icons from Design TNT


Almost every website nowadays has a social media presence. And usually social media icons are used to link to the respective social profiles.

Different website owners use different kinds of social icons to do that. Some use the simple original way in which a social media site designs its logo, some use hover effect i.e. the icons light up when you take your cursor on them, while some others prefer a classy, black and white look.

This set of icons consists of black and white throughout. As the image above shows the icons are colored in white on a black background.

Briefcase WordPress theme from Rockable Themes


If you are really serious about your online entrepreneurial activities then you have to use WordPress. Period.

WordPress has millions of users and there are thousands of resources online which teach you how to use it. If you are using an uncommon platform which is lesser known, chances are you will find lesser helpful resources online to assist you to operate it.

Then, almost all Internet gurus recommend WordPress.

Also, the fact that WordPress has thousands of plug-ins will give you virtually infinite capacity. You can do anything and everything with your WordPress site using these plug-ins.

This Briefcase theme is designed to run on the WordPress platform. It’s always better to use a third party theme like this instead of using the default templates provided by WordPress. That helps you achieve some uniqueness.

The website is worth checking out. You may want to subscribe to their e-mail updates to ensure you won’t miss anything.

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