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How Anorectics Are Improving Appetite Control

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An anorectic is an appetite suppressant. The word, derived from that same Greek root that gave us “anorexia,” is used to refer to well-known and often natural compounds that have nothing to do with the eating disorder, and is simply an “umbrella” classification.

Anorectics can be pharmaceutical compounds available by prescription; they can also be combinations of plant-based ingredients with known appetite-suppressing qualities that are marketed for weight loss and used extensively to combat obesity. Most commonly recommended for short-term use, many over-the-counter preparations are based on the African plant, Hoodia, on a mixture of green tea and other natural ingredients, or on a mixture of ingredients derived from seaweed, spices, berries, herbs and fiber Curb is a natural anorectic that contains appetite control ingredients.


Are Anorectics Effective to Control Hunger? Yes. Are They A Miracle? No.

Do anorectics work? The simple answer is: Yes, they do work. The truth is a bit more complex.

Appetite control in the United States, and in some European countries, is big business. Obesity is a growing concern in most developed nations. Some doctors in Great Britain term obesity as the major contributor to causes of early death in the country. Weight loss, therefore, is a primary goal for many individuals, and appetite control is a major component of many weight loss regimens.

While all reputable authorities recommend altering habits for long term effective weight control, the use of natural suppressants as an ancillary boost to a better eating plan is often viewed as beneficial. Embark on a diet plan that emphasizes nutrition, portion control and the proper balance of protein, sugars and fats; begin a responsible exercise program; consult with your health care professional. In many cases, the medical advice will not only allow, but encourage dietary supplements of natural ingredients. One of the best appetite suppressants is Curb, formulated from all natural substances.

Taken as directed, and containing no allergens or chemical additives, this product can help you achieve your weight loss goals by reducing cravings and decreasing appetite, boosting energy levels, adding vitality and improving your mood.

Long-Term Weight Control

As with many worthwhile pursuits in life, long-term weight control takes commitment. There are proven strategies; they all involve self-control, proper eating habits, exercise, and personal responsibility. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle cannot be over-emphasized, in terms of enhanced health and energy, decreased risk of medical problems and longer lifespan.

Once you achieve your optimum weight, the way to maintain it is through constant vigilance. If you monitor your weight on a regular basis, you can adjust your food intake if you gain a few pounds. The trick is to never gain more than a few — and then immediately increase your activity or decrease your intake to return to your goal weight.

Go Natural

Here are some “tricks” employed by those who have mastered the use of natural anorectics:

  1. Eat an apple
  2. Sprinkle flaxseeds on food as a good source of soluble fiber
  3. Regularly “spice” with wasabi, hot peppers or cayenne
  4. Eat plenty of salmon
  5. Drink water; as well as coffee and green tea
  6. Start your day with oatmeal
  7. Grab a handful of almonds

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