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How often are we handed business cards, take absolutely no attention of them and place them in our wallet never to be seen again? Then again, how often does the exact same thing happen to you, but you just don’t realise it?

Having a great innovative corporate card can make the difference between truly impressing someone and just being another card in the pile. So, we’ve decided to show you some great business cards to inspire you.

Business Card

The great paper here and the simple and effective message, makes this card a very powerful, slightly unique and overall creative business card. It looks great and we’re sure it performs admirably – we’d certainly sit up and pay attention.

Business Card

Clear and very memorable. This business card conveys a simple message perfectly.

Business Card

Cards no longer have to be printed on card as this effective plastic showing demonstrates wonderfully.

Fun, has a great colour scheme and the logo is excellent. We really loved this card, which has a slightly faded retro appeal.

Business Card


Of course, if you want retro, this can easily be done. This card is a great one and really has that old stamp feel about it, though look at how often the name is printed in diff11:57 03/04/2012rent manners – yet it still isn’t in anyway overpowering.

Business Card


Raised cards appeal to the touch sensitivities, and this one is a great card in this regard. It’s also round, proving not all cards have to adhere to the usual aesthetics.

Business Card

There’s a definite onus on the classics with this business card, and it really looks great, creates a lovely clean image and also has a nice texture to it.

Business Card

This cards imagery, icons and brilliantly effective, but still quite simple aesthetics really provide the sort of impression someone in the media world wants to make. The card is also fantastic, as is the indentation – loud, but measurably so.

Business Card

Personalising you card with a cartoon of your self is a funny and also thought provoking manner, in which to be remembered, especially if they haven’t seen you before as it creates a sense of curiosity. Allowing it to be turned into a little box for holding stationery is genius – as it’s now on their desk for a prolonged period.

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