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What is Social Engineering?

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Decision making power of a human can affect the life of many peoples and also can destroy the same. So it becomes essential to know about Social Engineering for all the citizen of country as well as for the children to learn about it. As a result of the efforts put by the many well established organizations it has been seen that social engineering field has also evolved during the last few decades. Now peoples are showing interest on what Social Engineering is and what their techniques are. Some well known techniques are needed to be discussed here.


Social Engineering is all about in terms of security for everyone and safety has made techniques which human tendency tries to adopt it some of them are:

  • Pre-texting in social engineering: The victims of Social Engineering usually focus on learning what is Social Engineering and how they can make other teach about it. They usually ask a question regarding their experiences and financial gains they have given to the economic growth.

Another aspect for pre-texting is that it is invented way back ago just to fit into place for another victim for divulging information provided in favor of them. This technique can be made useful by the victims by blaming the business men for their mistake of showing the private information for just gaining the knowledge about the records. What is Social Engineering has become the main question which can be answered by using this technique as this is well used to imitate members, co-workers and all the high authorities.

  • Diversion theft in Social Engineering: Another technique known by the name of corner rather Round corner game, a game which is famous in London, U. K. New employee shows huge risk management which is of personnel type just to find out about Social Engineer. Social Engineering has many different fields on which this kind of technique can appeal for your case legitimately to the administrators for the co-workers to solve the company issues. Social Engineering comprises of another variation on this technique making the security code secret for every member.

For every companies the big question apart from what is Social Engineering is that all the members are asking the same question on how and what a company taking steps to help and protect the risk management. The solution is the reception of the report that they obtain although a similar techniques is used by every other company hence it turns to be a worthless technique.

  • Phishing Feature of Social Engineering: largely used techniques used to make the information and data set for Social Engineering is answered by sending email to their co-workers just to convince them for the business. Social Engineers are making a business by their decisions and achieving the best outcomes and profit. Even in the neighboring countries of U. K. have started researches on what Social Engineering is all about and how advanced techniques are used to include the reliable data set. Another aspect of this technique is the verification of the information by using the bar code fixed on the each machine.

Security has become outer most important and hence people are using various techniques of social engineering. What is Social Engineering is the focus point for all these techniques apart from this there are victims with their machine bar code reader and also the surface techniques that are legitimately made for the co-workers, members are company peoples.

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